Lars Martin Sektnan

I am a mathematician working as a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow in the mathematics department at the University of Gothenburg, working on the project Finding canonical metrics in complex differential geometry (CanMetCplxGeom). Before that I was at Aarhus University from fall 2019 to the fall of 2021, and at UQÀM and McGill, from the fall of 2016 to the fall of 2019, as part of the CIRGET.  I completed my PhD in 2016 at Imperial College London under the supervision of Simon Donaldson. From September 2023 I will be a Senior Lecturer at the University of Gothenburg.

My research is in complex geometry. I am interested in canonical metrics on Kähler manifolds or vector bundles, K-stability, and related notions. A lot of my research focuses on perturbation problems for canonical metrics. Some of what I have done has been in the toric setting. 

I am co-organiser of the Aarhus-Gothenburg Complex Geometry Seminar as well as the KASS seminar at Chalmers/University of Gothenburg.

You can reach me at: sektnan[at]