Computer Science, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Informatic Center

Federal University of Pernambuco

I am an Associate Professor of in the Informatics Center of the Federal University of Pernambuco.

My research interests center around the following topics:

Process Mining - the area bridges the gap between data mining and business process management. It exploits event logs to discover the actual process. Moreover, process mining allows for comparing the process model with the actual process, identifying bottlenecks and rework;

Performance Evaluation of Systems - this research field involves many techniques such as system modeling and simulation, quantitative analysis, deterministic and stochastic assessment, load generation, measuring, and many others.

Currently, I am a member of the Pernambuco Research Foundation - FACEPE's Innovation Chamber.

I am affiliated with the Brazilian Computer Society and with the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

Curriculum Vitae


Phone: + 55 81 2126-8430


Address: Av. Jornalista Anibal Fernandes, s/n,

Recife, PE, 50740-560, Brazil

UFPE - Centro de Informática - Sala A10