50 Ideas for Hubs Spaces

Mediation Room

Use mediation techniques built into the room to resolve disputes.

Second Opinion Room

Hear another perspective on your decision or opinion.

Study Group

Study together with shared notes and discussion.

Hobby Workshop

Explore your hobbies with like-minded participants.

Co-Working Room

Work in a shared environment with private and social areas.

Debate Room

Drop into a topic and debate the finer points.

Recovery Room

Work through the steps to recovery together.

Mentorship Coffee

Have a quick chat with a mentor.

Watching Together

Watch live webcams together.

'Settle this bet'

Use an anonymous third party to settle arguments.

Prayer Room

A room for group prayer.

Medical Room

Instant access to a nurse with the ability to discuss health and wellness.

Inspiration Room

Find inspiring materials dedicated to a specifc area of interest.

Lesson Room

Jump into a room dedicated to a specific lesson.

Neighbors Room

Join your real life neighbors in virtual space.

Dystopia Room

Depictions of various apocalyptic visions of the world.

Anger Room

A place to scream, yell, and flail around.

Silence Meeting

A room dedicated to Quaker style silent meeting.

Room about Nothing

A room with no purpose, until is has one?

Common Goal Room

Define and work towards a common goal.

Nostalgia Room

A room dedicated to specific decade of nostalglia.

Slack Room

Sync content between a Slack channel and a Social VR experience.

Spotify Room

Like Turntable.fm for Social VR.

Leave Something, Take Something

Leave a 3D model and take one with you.

Confession Room

A room to make anonymous confessions.

Funeral Service

Reflect and share stories after the passing of a loved one.

Pilgrimage Room

It takes a long time to get there.


Lots of fluids to pour, explosions with the right combos.

Family Reunion

Host your family reunion from wherever you are.

Vacation Stories

Share stories and pictures from your travels.

Amazon Reviews

Get dimensional product reviews.


Digital and Physical fabrication tools.


Create a better space for viewing art, design, and photography portfolios.

Never Ever Room

A room based on the 'Never have I ever' party game.

Travel Tips

Learn from others who have been there.

New Year's Eve

Count down the New Year over and over in different timezones.

Brainstorm Room

Dream up ideas together.

Meditation Room

Guided group meditation spaces.

Countdown Room

Set a countdown towards an important milestone and celebrate together.

Moth Meme Room

Deep dive into a specific meme.

Poster Room

A gallery of the years best poster designs.

Thinking Room

A room for focused concentration and deep thought with others.

Fundraising Room

Share stories and raise money for charitable causes.

Time Travel Room

A room from a random time where you try to guess the year of the room.

Explorer's Room

Been to Antarctica? Talk about it here.

Character Room

Explore the childhood home of your favorite character.

The Struggle is Room

Share your trials and tribulations.

Glassdoor Room

Learn insider perspectives on the workplace.

Fictional City

Journey through a world inspired by Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities.

Instructables Room

A room dedicated to step-by-step instructions.