Communication Innovation in Health Care Laboratory

VCU Department of Health Behavior and Policy

About Us

The CIHC Lab was established in 2019 at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine by Dr. Richard Brown, PhD. Our team includes internal members at the School of Medicine as well as external members at universities across the country. We are a research team of academic and research professors, research staff, doctoral and post-doctoral students, and data analysts.

Our Mission

The Communication Innovation in HealthCare Laboratory (CIHC) is a national leader in communication in health research. The CIHC Lab conducts a) formative research that informs cutting-edge directions in communication in health care and b) quantitative research that develops, implements, and evaluates innovative communication in health care interventions. Importantly, we collaborate with clinicians, academics, stakeholders, patient advocates, and community members to identify patient-centered research questions that foster effective and engaged interactions in health care.

The CIHC Lab has a guiding focus to ameliorate health disparities and promote health equity across diverse minorities (including racial and sexual/gender minorities), and geographic and socioeconomic domains. The CIHC Laboratory trains upcoming investigators at the Doctoral and Post-Doctoral levels in novel theoretical, methodological and clinically relevant approaches to conducting impactful research in communication in health care.

Our Research Goals

Address Health Disparities and Barriers to Care Among Minorities

Foster Effective and Engaged Communication in Health Care

Build Health Equity Across Diverse Populations