Letters for Dave

Written by the men of Elmwood, Collected by Chaplain Angel Hernandez, Facility Chaplain, Elmwood Men's

My name is Angel Hernandez; I’m the facility chaplain at Elmwood. I sit in the office that David used to own there. My role today is to bring you letters from inmates.

To our chaplain and brother forever Mr. Dave Robinson,

For God is at work in you, we are not alone in our struggle. We are not condemned by our failures though we fall a thousand times. If we rise again and continue to follow the light, we are accepted and forgiven there is no limit to his love and his forgiveness.

Mr. Robinson,

It is my understanding that you are officially retiring as our chaplain here at Elmwood. Although it brings a bit of sadness to know it’s time to move on, I also smile thinking of the many times I’ve ran to your office spiritually broke and left with hope and enough faith to know that everything will be okay. Thank you for doing God's work and for being such an inspiration to me and us here at elmwood.

P.S. I appreciate you taking time and choosing Angel to be our new chaplain. He cares and it shows in a sincere no nonsense way


I believe that every so often a person is put into your life to make an impact and bring you back into the light. For me, that person was Dave Robinson. In the short time I worked with Dave, I gained more wisdom and insight about myself and the world around me than I had in my entire life. So many life lessons and laughs were had in his humble front office. He showed me not only to be true to myself but how to be a real man. Dave has a knack for looking through the nonsense and thankfully for me he called me out on mine. All with a smile on his face. He got me to remove my mask and brought the real me out of the darkness

Wherever you're at boss, thank you for giving me a second chance, guiding me to the right path and showing me the way. I’m glad to not only call you an inspiration, but also to call you my friend.

Love you brother. Thank you for being you.


Mr. Robinson,

Although we met in 2003, it was not until some 9 years later I really began talking to you. From the first time I met you until the last time I saw you, one thing never changed - your hair.

Many discussions resulted in me knowing who you were; I had no doubt you were working God’s work. In my darkest days and most terrifying times I leaned on you. Two life altering moments come to mind. First when I received the diagnosis of HIV and a few months later when my grandfather passed.

When I saw no light at the end of my tunnel, no future or hope, when I was left standing alone and did not want to go on, you were in your office. You have encouraged me to keep working, to move forward. You have changed my life. You gave me the gift of hope, love and courage. Those gifts allow my family to take my calls and even have dinner when I get home.

I think it is not often in life that someone meets a man like you. Countless hours we have spoken, many dilemmas you have helped me resolve. I will remember your last day here and the last discussion we had. I would like to let you know that I am doing well.

Mr. Robinson it was an honor to meet you and I know that I, as well as my family, will be forever grateful. You gave guidance to those of us that were lost and your legacy will live on.

Hopefully someday I'll see you around. I'd love to have a cup of coffee and meet you.


Hey Chaplain Dave,

I miss you and love you brother. I hope and pray all is well. I know that you’re following Jesus like you should. Much love and God's blessings to you and Mrs. Robinson.

Stay blessed Mr. Robinson and on fire for God!