CIC at the Movies

Written by Jen Shults, CIC Ministries Office and Operations Manager

When Angel Rodriguez, a recent graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary and CIC volunteer chaplain, learned that Q Ball was being screened at this year's Windrider Film Forum, he knew that CIC Ministries needed to be part of the event. He reached out to CIC staff and signed up for the exhibit. His initiative granted CIC staff and volunteers an opportunity to share about ministry in the Santa Clara County correctional institutions with the audience through one-on-one interactions before and after the film.

If you're interested in representing the CIC Ministries in the community or if you know of a networking opportunity, please contact Jen Shults at

Sharing your story of ministry in the jails is critical to the continued success of CIC Ministries.

Q Ball, produced by Fox Sports Films and directed by Kevin Durant, follows the lives of the San Quentin Warriors, a team of inmates participating in a rehabilitative program at "The Q", California's San Quentin State Prison. "Programs like this one offer more than just a chance for prisoners to show athletic excellence; they also provide an opportunity for individual growth," says Dennis Harvey film critic for Variety magazine. The story closely examines life on the inside, not just for the Warriors, but for all the men in a prison that prioritizes the rehabilitation of convicts who will one day finish serving their time and rejoin society. For the men, the team is not just a means of recreation, but it is their family. The San Quentin Warriors is a place for them to grapple with the gravity of their crimes and learn that there is redemption.

The Windrider Film Forum takes participants on a journey, exploring common humanity imaginatively, intellectually, and compassionately, through film. Many filmmakers have become the conscience in our culture, creating films that do more than simply entertain us. They inspire us to find ways to make a difference in the world and in our local communities. These independent films can be a catalyst for meaningful, productive, intentional action. After each screening, filmmakers and influencers working to address social issues in the film join a conversation with the audience to deepen understanding of issues and inspire action.

CIC Volunteers Angel Rodriguez and Nick Shults manage an information table to engage filmgoers at the 2019 Windrider Film Forum's screening of Q Ball.