Stories of Jail Ministry, Messages of Faith

Who would voluntarily return to jail, and be eager to do so? Executive Director Rev. David Robinson writes about an encounter with a new volunteer.

Finding God in the Darkness

Chaplain Liz Milner interviews longtime volunteer Chaplain Sonia Lopez of Christian Worship Center Bay Area about her journey of faith. "God is using my brokenness and pain, allowing me to minister to the broken women here at CCW, and it moves me every time I come in. "

Transformative Communities Promote Spiritual Growth and Healing

Transforming communities, whether within the jails or outside, share God’s love and generate hope for redemption, reconciliation, and peace.

2017 Annual Report

by Executive Director Rev. David Robinson

Praying with My Eyes Open

Rev. Louann Roberts writes about her experience as Facility Chaplain at Elmwood's Correctional Center for Women in Milpitas, CA.

EfM - Education for Ministry

Volunteer Chaplain Katy Dickinson writes about her experience setting up Elmwood's first "Cellblock Seminary."

Fill My Cup Ministry

Ethel Sturgis leads a powerful team of faithful women who engage in mission work in the local community and in support of foreign ministries. Juvenile Hall Chaplain Rev. Ra Amen writes about how Fill My Cup brought Christmas to Juvenile Hall.

Rev. Larry Leos

When his pastor told him that he was chosen to help at the jails in Santa Clara County, the Rev. Larry Leos had no idea that 25 years would pass and he would still be carrying God's word behind bars. Main Jail Chaplain Rev. Evelyn Vigil profiles Rev. Larry Leos, a dedicated volunteer.

California DOJ Security Clearance Requirements

1. No Warrants

2. Not currently on probation or parole

3. No Felony convictions

4. Three(3) years since last Misdemeanor conviction

5. Not currently on bail and/or pending a criminal charge

6. Previous convictions for violence, assaultive behavior, and sexual offenses may result in denied status.

7. Any other factors that the department deems as a risk to safety and security.

Record Expungement

Our most dedicated volunteers have overcome troubled pasts to become excellent mentors and effective role models to inmates. Hundreds and hundreds of people have turned their lives around with the help of jail ministry.

Contact Chaplain David Robinson for more information on record expungement.

CIC Ministries is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Donations are tax-deductible.

Faith-building is recognized by all as a powerful factor in rehabilitation, restoration, reconciliation and reentry into our community. Thank you for supporting jail ministry.