Facility Chaplains

Rev. David Robinson

Executive Director,

Facility Chaplain, Elmwood Correctional Facility

408-586-5643 director@cicministries.org

Rev. Ra Amen

Juvenile Facilities Chaplain

408-278-5868 chaplainra@cicministries.org

Rev. Liz Milner

Facility Chaplain, Elmwood Men's Jail & Correctional Center for Women

408-957-5995 staffchaplain@cicministries.org

Rev. Tom McEnroe

Facility Chaplain, Main Jail

408-808-4162 chaplaintom@cicministries.org

Angel Hernandez

Associate Chaplain


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Faith-building is recognized by all as a powerful factor in rehabilitation, restoration, reconciliation and reentry into our community. Thank you for supporting jail ministry.