About Us

Correctional Institutions Chaplaincy of Santa Clara County is a non-profit corporation, founded in 1962. CIC Ministries operates in cooperation with the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, Department of Correction, Probation Department, and other government agencies as needed. Funding for this ministry, including salaries, comes through the financial support of churches, individuals, and Santa Clara County.

CIC Ministries

PO Box 360068

Milpitas, CA 95036


The CIC Ministries Board

Dr. Penny Hogg, Ph.D – Chair

William Gott Vice Chair

Chris Christensen – Secretary

Ann Marie Burger – Treasurer

Sue Foyle

Rev. Kenneth Love

CIC Ministries Staff

Rev. David M. Robinson, M.Div. - Executive Director and Facility Chaplain, Elmwood Minimum-Security & Main Jail

Rev. Louann Roberts, M. Div. - Facility Chaplain, Correctional Center for Women

Rev. Ra Amen, M. Div. - Facility Chaplain, Juvenile Hall

Rev. Liz Milner, M. Div. - Facility Chaplain, Elmwood Medium-Security Units

Collette Lynner - Administrative Assistant