Correctional Institutions Chaplaincy

A Ministry of Love

The primary mission of CIC Ministries is to respond to the individual spiritual needs of incarcerated youth and adults in Santa Clara, County, CA and present the good news of God's love and forgiveness. As people respond to those messages of faith, they can experience lives of purpose and hope.

Training Events

3,500 men and women are incarcerated in Santa Clara County jails on any day. The average inmate's stay is six months, with some staying 8 - 10 years.

To serve their spiritual needs, CIC Ministries trains teams of volunteers to conduct Bible studies, group classes, worship services, and one-on-one pastoral counseling inside county jails.

The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department and the Probation Department invite us to do ministry, and as invited guests, we must work harmoniously with the staff, following all rules and regulations. CIC works with about 300 volunteers from a variety of faith communities, denominations, languages, cultures, races and styles of worship. Our agreement with the Sheriff’s Department and the Probation Department is that religious volunteers will be completely trained and competent to provide chaplaincy ministry in their facilities.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

9:00 - 11:00 am, "Going In, Staying In" Jail Ministry Training

Campbell United Methodist Church

1675 Winchester Blvd

(just south of Hamilton Ave) in Campbell, CA

Open to all!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

1:30 - 3:30 pm, "Going In, Staying In" Jail Ministry Training

Location to be Determined

Volunteer needed to coordinate CIC's inmate art

We are in need of a volunteer to help coordinate future events that come our way. It will not require the individual(s) to come inside the jail so no clearance is needed.

As many of you know, our Art and Spirit workshops have been more than successful in raising public awareness of our ministry in the jails. There have been several big art exhibits (government buildings, galleries, etc.) and other small venues (churches, etc.) that only wanted a few pieces of art to display.

We will train but some skills are needed.

Volunteer job description:

1. Is willing to see this as a ministry in itself, and willing to learn about the significance and benefit of the art for inmates.

2. Has the administrative skills to coordinate the loaning of the art with the borrowing parties, setting the dates and specifics, travel planning of the art, set-up, sharing details for the custodial care for the art, and be responsible for tear down and return of the art when the event is over.

3. Has access to a vehicle to transport the art. Will need to have access to a truck or van that is big enough to move the larger pieces when that is necessary. This doesn't happen often but when it does, it requires a truck or a large van to accommodate the size of the larger pieces. (CIC will reimburse for gas and travel expenses.)

4. Able to utilize necessary tools such as a level, etc and physically hang the art work.

5: Will need to develop a small team to provide this service.

For more information contact Rev. Louann Roberts - 408-957-5822,

Inmate Art inspires San Jose Playwright

in Tabard Theatre's production of 10 in 10:2017

Butterflies born in the imagination of men and women behind bars have transformed yet again, from the black-and-white pages of the penal code, to the beauty of color in flight, to a play written using the butterflies as inspiration.

The Tabard Theatre in San Jose presente a special program called 10-in-10, consisting of 10 plays written by emerging playwrights who have taken their inspiration from artwork submitted for review. Metamorphosis, created by men and women at Elmwood Correctional Center was chosen as inspiration by an emerging playwright. The performances ran from January 20-February 5, 2017.