Insights on Cloud & Edge Computing Technologies

The pace of disruption in IT is rapid and poised to accelerate, touching nearly every area of enterprise operations, from native cloud based applications, to edge computing servers and cybersecurity to storage and software development. The shift to the public cloud continues to disrupt traditional operational and IT models and enables the adoption of advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, Edge Computing, Virtual Reality, Virtual Power Plants, Connected Vehicles, Machine Learning and AI.

These widespread changes require innovative enterprises to reinvent themselves to win in the cloud era. We help companies respond to this widescale disruption, transition from on-premise hardware to off-premise software, build new hybrid cloud capabilities, and transform their technology ecosystem to generate new sources of growth.

Cibao Cloud Technologies delivers consulting services in strategy and application of Computing Technologies including Automation, Data Centers, Cloud, IoT, Edge, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning.

We specialize in Data Centers (DCIM, Cooling, Power, Electrical Distribution, Power Distribution, and Hyperscale), Edge Computing, Industrial IoT, Cybersecurity and Authentication, Analytics, Machine Learning, and Process Mining.

Our experience dates back to 2003 when our founder, Kially Ruiz, joined United Devices, a grid computing startup in Austin, Texas and an early precursor and innovator in cloud and distributed computing. United Devices, Inc. was a VC backed, commercial distributed computing company that focused on the use of grid computing to manage high-performance computing systems and enterprise cluster management. Its products and services allowed users to dynamically allocate workloads to computers and devices throughout enterprises, aggregating computing power that would normally go unused.

Cibao Cloud Technologies is an NVIDIA Partner, Google Cloud Partner, Microsoft Azure Partner, and AWS Partner and is focused on the development and application of edge computing data centers and cloud based connectivity for IoT and edge devices under the Data Vertex trademark.

Cibao's consulting practice specializes in the application of Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, and Predictive Analytics to solve operational business challenges. Recent consulting projects have included engagements with McKinsey & Company, Navigant Consulting, GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group), Thomson Reuters, AI and Machine Learning Startups, and Private Equity investors.