• Moderator & confirming words

    • For each message / language, there should be one brother serving as the moderator directing the saints to enjoy the message and blending breakout.

    • There should be two or three brothers (as practicality allows for Spanish/Korean) under age of 50 to speak to a word of highlights for 2-3 minutes after the message before breakout.

    • Detailed arrangement by language.

  • Breakout rooms & facilitators

    • Breakout rooms will be formed randomly in numbers 20 - 25.

    • Each locality/language should provide brothers to serve as facilitators (at least one for each breakout).

    • Detailed arrangement by language.

  • Pengs' sharing:

  • Streaming and info about the messages: available on .


  • Moderator / words of highlight by message (alphabetical order)

Message 1: Campbell (+ Morgan Hill for confirming words)

Message 2: Cupertino

Message 3: Palo Alto

Message 4: San Jose

Message 5: Santa Clara

Message 6: Sunnyvale

+ 4 Mountain View brothers each to confirm one of messages.

  • Facilitators: each locality to arrange 2-3 brothers to serve as facilitators.

  • Prayer / Coordination before each meeting

30 minutes before meeting, ie. 6:30pm & 9:30am.

All serving brothers, including but not limiting to the moderator, brothers to speak confirming words, host/streaming brothers, facilitators