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Here on the homepage you will find general information.

For Italian information, click Risorse per gli studenti up at the top.

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Course Expectations 2018-2019

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Mrs. D’Alessandro
Overview of AP World Language

Homework is posted on the Genesis Course Page daily at 3PM!


  • CON means that particular assignment is to be completed/submitted on Conjuguemos practice minimum20 terms, earn correct score(80% for A, 85% for H/AP) and don't forget to click record score.
  • QS/CE means it is work done in the quaderno di scrittura/cahier d'ecriture, these are beginning of class warm-ups. If a student is absent they are excused. If a student was present in class and chose not to do the work, it is an earned grade of 0.
  • L means it is a listening assessment.
  • W means it is a writing assessment.
  • S means it is a speaking assessment.
  • R means means it is a reading assessment.

Links for Homework:


  • Here is a link for different ways to approach typing accents on a computer:.
  • Type accented characters without an international keyboard, type here and then copy/paste it into your doc/email/facebook, etc.
  • Add Easy-Accents Add-On to GoogleDoc & Google Slides
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If you are having problems with computer/internet based assignments,

please screenshot the page and email me or show it to me in class.

Honors Work

In addition to more challenging assessments, students in Honors Italian and French are expected to complete additional independent study assignments.

3 assignments are due per marking period.

They are due on the date posted in Genesis that will be between the midpoint and the end of the marking period.

Students may submit assignments ahead of due dates.

Please See Your Google Classroom for the Honors Work Checklist & Descriptions

Choose activities that will help you grow and for which you are prepared.

Don't forget to hand in your Checklist each time!

Please follow the directions of the assignment. If you are lacking technology or skills to do something, choose a different activity.

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Opportunities for Further Study away from home

High School Students

Scholarship opportunities for HS students from the US Department of State

Concordia Language Villages(ages 7-18!)

The experiment in International Living

College and beyond

Study abroad with EF


This is where I studied in the South of France.

Italy: Dante Alighieri Institute School for International Education

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