English Classes with

Mrs. Hahn-Walsh

Welcome to my Google Site!

Please use the tabs at the top or on the side of the page to find your class.

Contact me at ahahnwalsh@chclc.org with any questions.

This is a reminder that NO LATE WORK will be accepted for assignments on Google Classroom or given in class beyond the due date.

That means you are responsible for checking for work and assignments posted on Classroom or given in class even when you are not in class.

We have set up groups in class to help you if you are having trouble determining what you missed.

The only exception to this will be if you are sick and have a documented doctor's note. You are allowed one day for each day sick to turn the assignment in.

For quizzes, tests, and other assessments, you will be given ONE CYCLE to make up your missed quiz, test, or assessment. You are responsible to schedule this with your teacher. If you fail to make up the quiz, test, or assessment within one cycle, or if you do not report to make up the quiz, test, or assessment as scheduled, you will NOT be allowed to make up the quiz, test, or assessment.

Academics take priority over all extra-curricular activities such as practices, games, tournaments, group rehearsals, etc. Getting help in another subject area is not an excuse to miss quizzes, tests, or assessments.