Using Google Classroom for Distance Learning

With the continuing response to the Covid-19 virus, and the possibility that colleges such as ESCG may be required to enact partial or full closures as part of the Delay phase, it is important to plan now for how to minimise disruption to our students. All ESCG staff and students beginning this academic year have access to a college Google account, which grants access to the online learning space Google Classroom.

Google Classroom was designed by Google initially as a distance learning platform, but has since evolved into one of the largest learning platforms in the world. While its uses have hone far beyond its initial goal, Google Classroom still makes an excellent alternative to face-to-face tutoring where the latter is not available. Below are some short user guides which will guide you in how to set up, share and use Google Classroom with your students in the event of the college's closure.

New to Google Classroom?

GUIDE - Signing into Google

Signing into Google

Preparing your Classroom

Preparing your Classroom

Accessing Google Classroom as a Teacher

Accessing Classroom as a Teacher

Communicating using Classroom

Communicating using Classroom

Adding Assignments on Classroom

Adding assignments on Classroom

Accessing Google Classroom as a Student

Accessing Classroom as a Student