About us

Christ Church began life in 1965 to provide for a growing Dundonald. From the early days of meeting in wooden huts through the building of the church and halls, many people have found us to be a warm, welcoming church.

As Dundonald continues to grow, we desire to be a place where all can encounter Jesus. Whether you are simply wanting to find out more about the Christian faith, or are actively looking to set down roots in a church, we hope that you will find a home in Christ Church.

Christ Church Presbyterian Church exists to enable its people, in ever increasing measure, to:

(i) Love Christ

(ii) Care for one another; and

(iii) Share that love and care with others.


Who's Who

Our church family is made up of hundreds of people. It is not possible to provide details of them all on this page but we have listed a few people to help you get started.

Rev Richard McIlhatton - Minister

Michael Ghianni-Wilkinson - Youth and Community Worker

Rev George Moffett - Pastoral Worker


As a Presbyterian Church, our overall leadership is by of a group of elders, which includes the Minister. The elders are collectively known as the Kirk Session and Tom Cleland is the current Clerk of Session.

Each organisation within the church has its own leadership team which is appointed and overseen by the Kirk Session.

We also have a Congregational Committee which looks after the practical running of the church.