About Us

The Christ Child Society was founded in 1887 in Washington D.C. by Mary Virginia Merrick. It is a non-profit association of lay volunteers who serve children in need without regard to race, creed, or national origin. The Society was incorporated in 1903. The National Christ Child Society was organized in 1916 as a federation of branches (now known as chapters) with a three-fold purpose:

1. To preserve the founding spirit of the society.

2. To Serve as a bond between chapters.

3. To promote the establishment of new chapters.

National Christ Child Society www.nationalchirstchild.org

Mary Virginia Merrick https://maryvirginiamerrick.org

The Christ Child Society of Akron was established in 1911 to help with the increasing foreign population. In 1917, work was suspended due to World War I.

In 1956 Nancy Flanagan brought from the Milwaukee chapter the necessary knowledge and enthusiasm to renew the work of Christ Child Society of Akron.

With support from the Cleveland Chapter, the first meeting of the current Akron chapter was held December 7, 1956, with a membership of eight with Nancy Flanagan presiding.

The Karen Beck Christ Child Center was dedicated on June 15, 2010. The Beck Family foundation, honoring a request from the late Karen Beck, our friend, member and past president, purchased a building for our use.

Today the Center is a home for our warehouse providing work space for meetings and work shops.