The Chris List


Welcome to the Chris List – a list maintained by Chris Engelmann, an Illinois licensed real estate agent with Keller Williams 2211 N Elston Ave Suite 104 Chicago, IL 60614.

This is a private, local, ideally crowd-sourced list of contractors intended to provide past clients with helpful options as they consider plans, repairs, and maintenance in their homes.

Coffee Shop Office Hours – I also want to make myself available in case you'd like to drop by to ask questions about your home (pictures probably help!) or simply say hello. I’ll try to keep this list refreshed, but it’s probably best to shoot me a text if you’re planning on coming by in case there’s been a schedule change. If you have a coffee shop request I'll try to get that in the lineup!

Why the "Chris List"

In recent years quality contractors have both become more expensive and harder to find. A good tradesperson or contractor is often a moving target as well – one season they might be heroes, and another they might be absorbed in to larger projects or otherwise unavailable. Realtors often come across contractor recs but often not at the same time they are needed and not always saved. As participants contribute contractors who’ve served them well, the benefits will increase and facilitate valuable connections for everyone involved. What contractors would you like to help out with more jobs? I'd love your help making this a strong resource! 

There are no aspirations to make this platform widely popular or charge for its use. The intent is for this to be a living and growing list and for participants to submit the forms below for additions, feedback, descriptions of projects, etc. to be incorporated into the list (happy to give credit while respecting privacy as desired- let me know if you'd like your name as the source). Who knows, you might make some friends in your neighborhood as well. 


1) I am not an expert nor am I in a position to advise on what conforms to code or when permits are or are not required. 

2) I am not responsible for the results or business practices of any contractors listed through this site. Many of them I will not have worked with before and may not have spoken to before.

3) I won't be collecting referral fees or incentives from contractors to be listed here. If you contribute a name and I learn that it leads to a job for them, I'll do my best to let them know you were behind it.

With no further adeiu... the Chris List

The Chris List

Coffee Shop Office Hours

Tuesday,  2/13: Intelligenstia Coffee Lakeview, 3123 Broadway 11-1pm

Thursday, 2/15: Groundswell Ravenswood, 4839 Damen 9-11am

Thursday, 2/20: The Green Post - Lawrence and Rockwell 9-11am

Tuesday, 2/22: TBD

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