PE2 - Mrs. Mersman

My name is LaNeah Mersman and I am a physical educator at Chowchilla High School presently teaching Physical Education II classes. I have been a physical educator for 18 years and have enjoyed it immensely. I hope to be able to pass on my energy and enthusiasm to your students in their journey through their physical activity experience.

I was educated at California State University at the San Bernardino Campus, where I majored in Kinesiology and then I studied for my teaching credential at Chapman University. I have recently completed my masters' degree in Educational Leadership and am looking forward to bringing new knowledge to my department.

If you or your student need to contact me, I am available either by email or voicemail at extension 2239 or you can come and see me in my office in Girls' Locker Room Office.


The mission for my classes this year is for all students to become competent

in a variety of individual and dual sport experiences. This can be achieved

through your students' active participation in the daily activities and

lessons. We have quite a diverse schedule planned for this year including

units in Badminton, Tennis, Dance, Archery and Bowling, just to name a few.

The successful completion of this course will apply toward the graduation

requirements for Chowchilla Union High School as well as providing daily

activity that helps to ensure a healthy lifestyle.