Dairy Committee

This is the membership for the Madera County Replacement Heifer Committee. They meet 4 times a year to review contracts, veterinarian reports, produce the Auction Sale Book, and award scholarships to the Seniors in this program.

The Chowchilla-Madera Replacement Heifer Committee is Chaired by Kerry Nieuwkoop. The following are committee members representing the local 4-H clubs and FFA Chapters. If you have any questions regarding this program you can contact any Committee Member for more information. Please use this email address to correspond with the Dairy Committee in general, maderacountydairy@gmail.com

Diana Alexander (Chowchilla Fair Board Member)

Sam Basila (Dixieland 4-H Dairy) builder18796@gmail.com

Brad Bitter (Chowchilla FFA Dairy, Website) bitterb@chowchillahigh.org

Tim Coelho (Dairyman)

Duarte Goncalves (Dairy Breeding Service)

Anne Katuin (Liberty FFA Dairy) akatuin@gvusd.org

Sarah Machado (Dixieland 4-H Dairy)

Kerry Nieuwkoop (Committee Chairman) knkoop@gmail.com

Sara Sinks (Chowchilla 4-H Dairy) sinks.sara@yahoo.com

Susan Spomer (Dairyman)

Keeley Hall (Minarets FFA Dairy) khall@mychawanakee.org

Case & Darcy Vlot (Alview Dairyland 4-H) ccfarm2015@outlook.com

Chris Sharp (Madera FFA Dairy) christophersharp@maderausd.org