Seth Huang

Dr. Seth H. Huang is a Taiwanese American educator, investor and entrepreneur. He grew up in three generations of financiers and entrepreneurs and moved to New York to receive an elite education in youth.

Upon receiving his PhD from Cornell University in three years, the fastest in history, he published a book depicting the historical trend in Greater China financial industry and the impacts of the Pacific War. He also has worked tirelessly in financial technology research and advised financial conglomerates in the commercialization of existing technologies in finance. He collaborated with numerous funds on trading frameworks and is also the founder of Aris Intelligence Corporation, based in New York, with the purpose of researching and investing in talents in artificial intelligence with universities including MIT, Harvard and others.

Dr. Seth Huang has worked and taught as a fund manager and a professor in New York, Vienna, Prague, Taipei, Seoul and Shanghai. In the last several years, he has dedicated his life to artificial intelligence research and its use in capital asset management. His hope is to lower the barrier of finance and provide equal access and democratize the world of trading.