Tim Morris

팀 모리스

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Tim Morris

Tim Morris is the Product & Partnership Director for Elsevier, working as the experienced healthcare professional in Clinical Decision Support & Hospital Workflow Solutions across the EMEA/LA region.

• Tim Morris has nearly 30 years of healthcare experience, from delivering care as a nurse in a London A&E Department, research and management within the NHS, to direct sales and product development with a range of public and private health companies.

• His prior positions involve:

- Technical development for a Health Informatics companies, where he was an expert for international opportunities for sales and partnerships

- Managing Director for a healthcare company where he ensured effective corporate governance

- Clinical Product Director for a growing supplier of IT solutions across NHS, private, third-sector and local government across multiple nations.

• In 2015, he joined Elsevier and became the Product & Partnership Director across the EMEALA region.

• Tim Morris is an experienced board member with international exposure, and has displayed his well-established experience of decision support and knowledge management systems during his 3 years at Elsevier during his work on Clinical Decision Support Solutions.

• Tim Morris obtained his BSc in Health Services from the University of Surrey, following which he obtained a Pragmatic Marketing’s Focus certification.