JinSu Kim

김진수 기초과학연구원 유전체 교정 연구단 단장

김진수 단장은 박테리아가 바이러스에 대항해 갖춘 면역 체계에서 유래한 크리스퍼 유전자가위 분야 선구자다. 2012년 10월, 김진수 단장은 서울대 교수로 재직 시, 크리스퍼 유전자가위로 인간배양세포에서 유전자 교정이 가능함을 최초로 입증한 후 세계 각국에 특허를 출원하였고, 2013년 1월 학계에 보고한 바 있다.

유전체 교정 연구단 김진수 단장은 1,2,3세대 유전자가위를 모두 독자적으로 개발했다. 이런 연유로 김 단장은 2014년 3가지 유 전자가위를 비교한 논문을 네이처 리뷰 제네틱스(Nature Review Genetics)에 게재했다. 현재 전 세계 수많은 연구자들이 그의 논문을 인용하고 있다. 2013년 표적 염기서열을 절단하는 단백질 Cas9과 표적 유전자의 염기서열을 읽어내는 gRNA를 결합해 유전자가위 복합체를 만들었다.

특히, 김 단장 연구진은 크리스퍼 유전자가위를 이용해 인간세포에서 유전자 교정에 처음으로 성공한 여러 연구팀 중 하나다. 2013년 1월 네이처 바이오테크놀로지(Nature Biotechnology) 발표 이후, 연구진은 크리스퍼 유전자가위의 정확성을 높이기 위해 꾸준한 노력을 쏟고 있다. Cas9과 gRNA를 화학적 혼합체로 주입하는 방식(RNP 방식)은 김 단장 연구팀만의 노하우가 담긴 기술이다.

Edgar MacBean

에드가 맥빈 일루미나 시장개발 총괄


Market Development – Population Sequencing

Illumina, Inc. | San Diego, CA | September 2014 – Present

Lead Illumina’s global market development efforts for national-scale whole genome sequencing


• Supported ~25 global initiatives in developing their strategies and operational execution

plans for national sequencing initiatives. Initiatives covered a range of research, clinical and

business objectives. Efforts included authoring multiple whitepapers, sitting on expert panels,

and presenting to regional and national leaders.

• Managed internal strategic planning efforts, including market models, new market

assessment, platform planning, pipeline review, and product development requirements.

• Envisioned and established the PopSeq Leadership Council, a global coalition of six of the

most advanced genomic sequencing initiatives to collaboratively tackle many of the most

pressing challenges in national-scale sequencing, including data standards, data sharing

and health economics of whole genome sequencing.

• Managed industry relationship in support of informatics and other infrastructure needs to

support national-scale programs, including Deloitte, Lockheed Martin and Intel.

John Mattick

존 매틱 호주가반연구소 랩소장

Professor John Mattick is the Executive Director of the Garvan Institute of Medical Research

in Sydney, which houses one of the most advanced clinical genomics facilities in the world.

He obtained his BSc from the University of Sydney and his PhD from Monash University in

Melbourne. He undertook his postdoctoral training at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston

and then the CSIRO Division of Molecular Biology in Sydney. In 1988 he was appointed the

Foundation Professor of Molecular Biology at the University of Queensland, where he was

also Director of the Institute for Molecular Bioscience and the Australian Genome Research


Professor Mattick is best known for showing that the majority of the human genome is not

junk but rather specifies a regulatory RNA network that directs the epigenetic trajectories of

development. His honours and awards include the inaugural Gutenberg Professorship of the

University of Strasbourg, the Order of Australia and Australian Government Centenary Medal,

Fellowship of the Australian Academy of Science, Associate Membership of the European

Molecular Biology Organization, Honorary Fellowship of the Royal College of Pathologists of

Australasia, the International Union of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Medal, the Human

Genome Organisation Chen Award for Distinguished Achievement in Human Genetic &

Genomic Research, and the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Bertner

Memorial Award for Distinguished Contributions to Cancer Research.

Ingo Chakravarty

인고 샤크라바티 나비칸 CEO

Ingo Chakravarty is the President & CEO of NAVICAN.

He joined Intermountain Healthcare in June 2016, spinning off NAVICAN in October 2016. He previously served in senior roles at GenMark Diagnostics, Gen-Probe, Roche Diagnostics, and Ventana Medical Systems here in the United States and in Europe. Ingo graduated from Friedrich Haecker School in Germany with a degree in electrical engineering.

His leadership philosophy is grounded in collective intelligence, goal orientation and personal accountability as well as in fairness and tolerance. Ingo thrives in environments that are energetic, ambitious and challenging, while providing room for innovation and creativity.