ChosunBiz has been hosting Korea Wine and Spirits Awards since 2014, biggest of its kind in the country, to introduce quality drinks and liquor to Korean society in hope of promoting healthy drinking culture. In 2018, more than 80 companies submitted 431 brands, of which 162 brands were selected as award-winners. 2019 Korea Wine and Spirits Award will take place on 28 February at Westin Chosun Hotel, Seoul, Korea.

▲ Host: ChosunBiz

▲ Register: Please fill out registration form (click here) and submit by email(theyeob@chosunbiz.com). Registration form is due on 1 February, 2019.

▲ Contact Information

E. theyeob@chosunbiz.com

P. +82-2-724-6053



    • (Best of the Year) Brands with the highest scores from each liquor category will be given Best of the Year award
    • (Grand Prize) Grand Prize is award to the brands that score over certain points from each liquor category
    • Award labels (on the right) will be given to award-winning brands so that they can use freely for marketing and promotions


    • Articles on the award-winning drinks and companies will be continuously published throughout the year
    • Award labels will be given to the award-winning brands for use
    • Award-winning brands will be used at ChosunBiz’s various VIP events and gatherings
    • Award-winning brands will be introduced on various SNSs operated by ChosunBiz
    • Special sales promotions at department stores such as Lotte Mart and Emart


    • All foreign brands are allowed to participate in business tasting event, which will take place on the same day at a separate room. More information will be given with later.
    • During the business tasting event, you are allowed to showcase your sample products to potential buyers from marts, department stores, restaurants, convenient stores and the such.


    • Chairty party will follow business tasting, where ChosunBiz's VIPs (executives and clients, business partners, etc) will be invited to enjoy award winning brands. Another means of promotions!