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Hi, my name is Chong Kong Hui.

As a Chartered Accountant and Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) approved by Bank Negara Malaysia, I am dedicated to assist my clients in their money and finance matters, personal or business.

As IFA, we only recommend products regulated by Securities Commission and Bank Negara Malaysia.

What is Investment Platform?

In a nutshell, an investment platform enables you to place a wide selection of investment products from many different product manufacturers into one consolidated portfolio.

Traditionally, to invest with multiple investment products, you have to deal with each product manufacturer separately. This means different application forms, separate payments, different client statements and multiple portfolio valuations were needed, which made the process more complex and time consuming. In addition, it was difficult to switch funds from one fund manager to another or between different investment products seamlessly. This paper-based administrative process was highly inefficient and costly.

With a platform, portfolios can be constructed and managed in one place. Paper-based transaction errors are eliminated with electronic straight-through transactions. With one form, one payment and one statement,it simplifies the investment process with online administration and transaction, efficient operational infrastructure and powerful IT tools that result in enormous cost savings and efficiency.

Platform Providers

To invest in RM, we work with the following platform providers

To diversify your net worth, you can invest in foreign currencies like USD, AUD, EUR or GBP, we have the following partners

We have wide range of products and providers to meet your unique expectation, therefore, we do not push products as compared to tied-agent or tied-consultant whom only have limited products / provider.

Investment Platform explained.

  1. Pros & Cons
  2. How it works

However, loyalty bonus, allocation bonus etc not explained by him.

Investment is, and should be, part of a person Financial Plan. To know more about Financial Plan / Planning, click here.

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