Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!

HOWDY! My name is Miss Kissinger and I will be teaching both AP Calculus AB and Honors Pre-Cal this year at China Spring High School. I am absolutely thrilled to be at China Spring and can not wait to have a year full of hard work, fun, and success.

I am a proud Texas A&M graduate (GIG'EM) with a Bachelors degree in Mathematics. I am also pursuing my Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction. This year I will do my best to meet each student's expectations and strive to meet my goals as an educator:

  • to have a classroom based on transparency.
  • build a strong foundation of student engagement and collaboration.
  • provide differentiated instruction to help students succeed at a higher level.
  • inspire students to utilize Calculus and Pre-Cal concepts in their every day lives.

Materials needed: 2018-2019 School Year

AP Calculus & Honors Pre-Cal have the same supplies list!

  • 1.5" - 2" Binder
  • 5 Dividers (notes/examples, homework, quizzes, reviews, & tests)
  • Graphing Calculator (I highly recommend the TI-84 Plus; if you are unable to purchase a calculator, please come talk to me!)
  • Pencils & Highlighter
  • Notebook Paper

*If you are able, please bring one of the following: a 4-pack of AAA batteries, a box of Kleenex tissues, or a bottle of hand sanitizer. These items will be utilized by the class throughout the school year.*

Contact Information

Email: lkissinger@chinaspringisd.net

Classroom: 114

Conference Period: 6th (12:06PM - 12:55PM)

Phone: 972.746.5254