Spanish 1 Honors, Spanish 2, and Spanish 2 Honors

About me

Señora Boateng (Pronounced “Bwatin")

Esther Boateng is a certified French and Spanish Teacher who has lived in several countries- America, England, France, Ghana, Canada- and loves to share her passion for languages with both children and adults.

She lives in Texas with her husband and two boys, and loves to write adventure stories to introduce children to foreign languages in a fun and innovative way. You can learn more about her books by clicking on the “EB Adventure Books” tab above.

Spanish Teacher

Phone: (254) 836-1771


7:30-7:55 Tutorials

8:00-8:49 1st Period, Honors Spanish 1

8:53-9:46 2nd Period, Conference/Planning

9:50-10:39 3rd Period, Honors Spanish 2

10:43-11:32 4th Period, Honors Spanish 1

11:32-12:02 5th Period, A Lunch

12:06-12:55 6th Period, Spanish 2

12:59-1:48 7th Period, Honors Spanish 1

1:52-2:41 8th Period, Honors Spanish 2

2:45-3:34 9th Period, Honors Spanish 2