Silva Linings in Sixth Grade Social Studies


It's here, the 2017-2018 school year is upon us! Please take a look around my site and please contact me with any questions!

Here is a quick tour of what you will find on my site:

  • About Me - This is what it sounds like, a page about me so that you can get to know who you have entrusted your child with. You will also find my contact information and my Bloomz info as well.
  • Useful Info - This tab will have useful documents such as my syllabus. This tab will also house any important announcements such as due dates on major assignments or when a test or quiz is coming up (this information will also be available on Bloomz as well).
  • Social Studies - This tab will host information regarding the content your child will be studying this year in social studies on a unit-by-unit basis and what major assignments to expect during those units.
  • Passion Projects - This tab will detail information on exactly what a passion project is and what the process will look like for each project (there will be two).