Newsletter 84 - 9 December 2018


Dear supporters,

What a beautiful autumn this has been in the Chilterns. Stunning colours and leaves which seemed to have clung onto trees far longer than usual. It all reinforces the need for our mission statement to preserve and protect the tranquility and beauty of our countryside and AONB. Thank you for joining with us throughout the past year; our work together remains as important as ever.

  • Chiltern Conservation Board announce a public review of its Management Plan

The Chiltern Conservation Board, which is the statutory body for the preservation and enhancement of the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty has written to us as follows:

'The new Draft AONB Management Plan is open for public consultation and we would welcome both you and your members and community's thoughts on how you think the AONB should best be cared for and looked after.

The new Plan covers a range of issues from biodiversity and wildlife conservation to looking after the special character of the Chilterns villages, managing access and recreation and helping local businesses to thrive.

  • The draft Plan can be viewed, and any comments submitted at:
  • The deadline for feedback is 31 December
  • If you do not have time to read the entire document, it would be incredibly valuable if you could let us know if you agree with our Vision and General Policies on pages 14-18 of the Plan'

The Steering Group intend to respond on behalf of CCG, but as the Board state, it is really helpful to them - and no doubt their Government funding - to be supported with feedback from people & communities across the Chilterns. The deadline is a little tricky with Christmas and New Year, but if you could find a few minutes away from festivities please do respond.

  • Dept for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Landscapes Review - National Parks and AONBs

DEFRA has made the following announcement. Closing date for responses is 18 December.

'The Government has asked for an independent review of England's National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs) .... want everyone to have a chance to contribute, whether you live in a National Park or AONB, run a business in them, enjoy visiting, care about landscapes and biodiversity, or represent an organisation with views that might shape and improve... findings. The questions (available as a list in the related documents section below) are a guide: please do not feel you must answer them all – or have to write at great length. We have not set a word length on answers, as we know some people and organisations will want to reply in detail on specific points...It is not necessary to reply to every question so please ignore those which you do not think relevant to you. You may find it easier to write your answers elsewhere before pasting them into the text boxes which follow.'

Here's the link:

Again, if you can find a minute or two to participate, that would be helpful.

  • HS2

Mounting costs for HS2 and preliminary construction apparently behind schedule renders this increasingly non-viable and the Steering Group remain hopeful - and vigilant - that Government will review its decision. If Phase 2 does not progress, than the CBR for Phase 1 is highly likely to fall below acceptable criteria. There have been some excellent critical press articles, notably by Andrew Gilligan, over recent weeks.

  • London Luton Airport

CCG is in direct dialogue with management at LLA. We're delighted to have another aviation expert join the Steering Group recently. It is so helpful to have experienced and knowledgeable representatives in what are often quite technical discussions. Do please let us have your comments and concerns so that we can bring these to the meetings. There is likely to be another consultation on Heathrow and use of airspace in early 2019, so please look out for this in the media.

  • CCG donation to the Chiltern Society

In 2018, we have been able to make a substantial donation to the Chiltern Society, which shares our aims & has many practical activities to fulfil these.

The CCG Steering Group send you all its good wishes for a happy Christmas with time to relax and spend time with family and friends and for a successful and peaceful New Year.

Thank you for your support throughout 2018 and we look forward to continuing to work together in 2019 for the protection of our beloved Chilterns.

Steering Group

on behalf of the Chiltern Countryside Group

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