U. S Regions

Web designs and creations by Chilmark 4/5 grade 2019

This website was created by fourth and fifth grade students at the Chilmark School on Martha’s Vineyard, MA. It was the culminating project, resulting from researching regions of the United States.

Before creating the website, students took part in a geography challenge that had them learn the capitals and states and major landforms that are found in the US. Some students welcomed the extra work of learning the abbreviations and nicknames for all 50 states. After completing the geography challenge, students broke into 4 groups.

We divided the US into 5 regions, and decided not to include New England, since this is the region we are most familiar with. Each group learned about one of the regions by reading non-fiction text, watching videos that related to the region, and completing a novel that was connected to their region through the characters or setting.

Finally, students wrote informational text about one aspect of their region and created a webpage. They designed the layout of their page and included relevant images, videos, and maps.

Part of this experience was learning how to source information and visuals from the internet that are free to use and share, as well as how to design your own page while keeping it cohesive with the whole site.

It was both an independent and collaborative project.

You will find a scavenger hunt for each region that can be used as an outline to guide you through the site.

Enjoy your tour of the United States!