Chief Nā pēw Memorial School

Chief Napew Memorial School

We believe in fostering the whole being;

Where all learn to excel in a safe, positive,

respectful environment. 

Principal Message

Our students have begun their academic year by conducting methodical investigation on the world and strategies for effecting change, Tansi. As a parent, you significantly influence the development of strategic dispositions in your children on a daily basis. Your children possess the capacity to emerge as the subsequent preeminent global leader. Consistent assistance in providing them with academic resources bodes well for your potential future role as a community leader. On a daily basis, our educators endeavour to enhance the capabilities of our youth by supporting them in the process of self-identification, and societal impact, and serving as exemplars for younger audiences. Cooperating to enhance continuity, members of the community inspire the betterment of all. Let us prepare for the future of your young by embracing our culture through the wisdom of our elders. Big Island Cree Lake Nation can be perceived by examining the perspectives of its visionaries. Satya Nani once said, “A little progress each day adds up.” Progress is being made each day. Ekosani. 

 CNMS Principal, 

Coreena Linklater

Drivers Highschool Education

Nurse's Note

Vision Statement