McManus Elementary Online Learning Resources

With the announcement of our temporary school closure as a result of COVID-19 we are launching into an entirely new learning experience. We are committed to providing parents and students with the tools they need in order for students to experience enriching, valuable learning during this time. Teachers will be reaching out to families and students about which programs they will be using. Look for Grade Level Links to be added to make getting Daily Assignments easier. Together, We've Got This!

Links For Online Learning

A blue rectangle with a large letter R that is the Renaissance Place logo. Link take you to Accelerated Reader login.

Accelerated Reader LOGIN

A rectangle with the logo for iReady.  It has a cube with orange, green and aqua sides showing.  Link takes you to iReady Clever portal.

i-READY Clever Portal


Parent Guide

REctable box containing the Raz Kids Reading Logo.  It says Raz Kids and has the blue outline of a sun.  Link takes you to the Raz-Kids webpage.

Raz Kids Reading A-Z

Black box with the Google Classroom logo.  A graphic green blackboard with the outlines of 3 people.  The link connects to google classroom.

Google Classroom

A bright blue box with the word EPIC! in white letters.  The link connect to Epic Reading.

Epic Books Student Login

Classroom Distance Learning

A green circle.  Links to kindergarten page.


A green circle, links to 1st grade page.

1st Grade

A Green circle, links to 2nd grade page.

2nd Grade

A green circle, links to 3rd grade page.

3rd Grade

A green circle, links to 4th grade page.

4th Grade

A green circle, links to 5th grade page.

5th Grade

A green circle, links to the TK class page for Ms. Robin.


Ms. Robin

A green circle, links to Mrs. Timmel's page.

Mrs. Timmel

A green circle, links to Mrs. Kubecki's page.

Miss Ward

A green circle, links to the Music Page for Mrs. Nora Hunter.


Mrs. Nora Hunter

A green circle, links to a page for Spanish speaking and English Speaking contacts and an Online learning guide for CUSD parents in Spanish.


Hmong Contacts

and Guides

A green circle, link connects to Mr. Weaver, the Principal's page.

Mr. Weaver


A green circle, links to the ELD classes page.

ELD Classes

The Learning Center

Mrs. Coons

CUSD District Parent Tech Help Line Monday - Friday 8:30 - 12:30


Stage 1 Elementary 2020-2021 Instructional Models

Information and Videos on Chromebooks and Digital Platforms