Student Support Team

Our Student Support Team is dedicated to serving our students by supporting and guiding them through emotional, physical, and psychological transitions. Our team encourages personal growth and educational progress. We offer school site and district resources, and connect students/caregivers to community service agencies as needed.

Meet Our Team!

Staff Question: What is the most courageous thing you have ever done?

Jessica Prisk

CAL/AFC & Oakdale Counselor

I lived abroad in Australia for 5 months without knowing anyone or anything. I survived!

Cquenaya Zorrilla-Reddam

School Psychologist

Traveled by myself through Central and South America for a year.

Nancy Medina

Targeted Case Manager

Going back to school at 41 years old!

Quinn Mendez

Fair View Counselor

Not quitting when difficult things happen in my life.

Rachel Love

Intervention Specialist

The most courageous thing I did was move to Chico and put myself through CSU.

Wyntur Henderson

Wellness Counselor

I'd have to say moving to another town to go to college, but I am so glad that I did it!

Andrew Moll

Principal CUSD Alternative Education

Moving to Chico after school to pursue a counseling career. I did not know anyone, just me and my dog.

John Gunderson

Assistant Principal CUSD Alternative Education

Deciding to move to Chico with no job yet, and being totally willing to bet on my wife and I making it and being able to continue our careers as educators.