Disability, Gender Identity and other appropriate topics for early learners.

Jolene's sister Christopher plays a secondary but important role in her story. Christopher is Jolene's best friend who is "an excellent jumper, flyer, and runner" and will go to Jolene - no matter how far she has to travel.

Jolene, the Disability Awareness Chicken
advocates for children with disabilities and in a very age appropriate and loving way, touches on the important topic of gender identity.

In this story there is a character who has chosen to identify as a different gender than the one in which she was born. This offers the adult an important opportunity to teach a child that it is not gender but spirit that define us as humans.

Christopher, in her special way, provides an example of dignity and strength and an illustration of kindness that is a good lesson for people of any age.

A copy of this book will be donated to any Drag Queen Story hour event.