Course Process

This diagram shows the 13 weeks of available instruction. Please understand that many students will "jump" to 1-on-1 instruction in as little as 6 weeks. ............ Please try to be one of those students!

All of the information that you will need for a great GMAT score will be taught in the classroom in weeks 1-6. The size of the class is usually 4 students.

Some students will proceed to "1-on-1" after 6 weeks. Other students will need weeks 7 and 8 to review the material covered.

The 1-on1 phase is 3 to 5 weeks.

Then you take the real test.

During classroom Instruction ---every week--- you will take a REAL GMAT test on paper.

In the the 1-on-1 phase you will take a real computer test every week. For these tests you will need to bring your laptop computer.

The Classroom Instruction schedule is... 4 meetings per week. On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Each meeting is 2 hours.

Class schedules are:

A Class; 6:30am--8:30am

B Class; 6:30pm--8:30pm

C Class; 8:30pm--10:30pm

Next Class starts August 19th !