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USMLE Step 2 CS Workshop

Chiba University School of Medicine USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills workshop is a 3-day intensive workshop designed to help you prepare for the Clinical Skills component of the USMLE examinations using our state-of the-art simulation facilities at the Chiba Clinical Skills Center (CCSC) and highly trained English-speaking simulated patients.

September 15-17, 2018

Registration: Workshop is Completely Booked

The USMLE Step 2 CS is a practical examination which consists of a series of simulated patient encounters in which candidates must demonstrate the ability to perform the following tasks:

  • Obtain a clinical history
  • Perform a focused physical examination
  • Determine differential diagnosis
  • Develop an initial management plan
  • Discuss the diagnosis with the patient
  • Write a clinical note

Since the CS is a practical test is it often difficult to prepare for the exam, and many candidates often have to travel to the United States to attend preparation courses and mock examinations.

We created this workshop to provide high-quality instruction to help Japanese medical students, residents and medical doctors prepare for the exam without having to travel to another country or interrupt their regular work schedule.


The Chiba Clinical Skills Center (CCSC) is a highly advanced simulation training facility hosted by Chiba University Hospital. The center has at its disposal specialized facilities that allow us to hold this highly effective training program:

  • Consultation rooms
  • AV recording equipment
  • Flexible learning spaces
  • Specialized debriefing rooms

To learn more about our facilities please check the CCSC webpage

Workshop Contents and Teaching Methodology

The CUSM USMLE Step 2 CS workshop is designed to cover all major skills required for the examination and provide with hands-on experience in working with English speaking simulated patients. The clinical encounters will be followed by individualized face-to-face feedback to help you identify your weak spots and improve your skills.

During the 3 days you will experience advanced teaching methodologies to maximize your learning, making intensive use of simulation-based training. The workshop and feedback sessions will be conducted entirely in English.

The instructors include foreign medical doctors experienced in USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills training.

Course Syllabus

  • Understanding the tests structure and grading system
  • Principles of Clinical Communication and Medical Empathy
  • Obtaining a History of Present Illness (HPI)
  • Obtaining a Past Medical and Socio-sexual History
  • Asking sensitive questions
  • Performing a focused Physical Examination
  • Western-style clinical reasoning
  • Discussing diagnostic impressions and follow up tests
  • Providing health counseling
  • Answering questions from patients
  • Writing a clinical note
  • Preparation resources and tips for the USMLE Step 2 CS


This is not-for-profit workshop, tuition fees are used to cover faculty and simulated patients honorariums, consumables and other operating costs. Since the course is being hosted by Chiba University, residents and students from Chiba Prefecture receive a special rate.

  • Chiba Prefecture Students: 30,000 yen
  • Chiba Prefecture Residents: 35,000 yen
  • Non-Chiba Prefecture Students: 40,000 yen
  • Non-Chiba Prefecture Residents: 45,000 yen
  • Graduate Doctors: 45,000 yen

This workshop is open to senior medical students, residents and doctors from any institution

In order to maintain a high level of instruction, we can only accept a limited number of participants. We thank you in advance for your understanding


Chiba University Hospital is conveniently located just 10 minutes by bus from Chiba Station.

If you are coming from another part of Japan and need accommodation, we have special rates with hotels around Chiba station. Let us know and we are happy to help you with your hotel arrangements

For access instructions check the Chiba University Hospital webpage

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