Monitoring and Reporting System, Chhukha Dzongkhag Administration


The monitoring and evaluation is one of the integral parts of management cycle. It is very critical for organizational effectiveness. A lack of coordination and monitoring system is one of the national issues reflected in the 12th FYP documents.

In line with this, the participants of Sector Retreat -Policy Dialogue for Effective Change organized in June 2019 at Tenzingling Resort, Paro discussed in depth the monitoring issues and challenges spearheaded by Dasho Drungpa, Phuentshogling. After series of group dialogue, the floor agreed to institute the three levels of online monitoring and reporting system (OMRS). That is a system at Dzongkhag, Sector and Dungkhag/Gewog levels. The retreat also recommended the District Planning Officer (DPO) and ICT Officer (ICTO) to develop the standard operational procedures (SOP) taking advantage of the information communication and technology facilities.

Subsequently, the DPO and ICTO made the following presentations in the 12th Dzongkhag Monthly Management Meeting: The Online Monitoring Operation and Its System, Purposes of Monitoring, Committee Members, Approaches and Frequency of Monitoring, Follow-up Mechanism and Annual Monitoring Work Plan. The meeting also formed the Dzongkhag Monitoring Committee (DMC): Dasho Dzongdag/Dzongrab (chairperson), Dz. Planning Officer(member secretary), Dz. Finance Officer and Procurement Officer as members. The DMC was entrusted fully with the responsibilities to: ensure a proper and timely planning and execution of all the capital activities, conduct a proper and timely monitoring and supervision, point out the rectification works to the contractors which do not meet the standards, check the overall progress of the capital activities in the Dzongkhag,work out strategies to improve the implementation of the programs, enhance the Sectors and Gewogs’ monitoring system and, put up the cases requiring the high level decision to the Dzongkhag Tender Committee(DTC) for immediate action.

Before implementation of the system, the committee ensured that all Sector Heads, Dungkhag and Gewog Administration enter their activities of the financial year 2019-20 in the OMRS. That was as per the format developed and launched in the Dzongkhag website. The concerned officials were fixed accountability for timely online entry and information reporting on quarterly basis. They members were given access to the OMRS. With such system in place, the monitoring of activities is carried out at three different levels.

The site engineers carry on the first level of monitoring and reporting. They are on the frontline of the Dzongkhag monitoring system. At least once in a month, they monitor and ensure the implemented activities are as per the drawing and designs. Most importantly, they provide monitoring and professional support services to the contractors/ beneficiaries and address the issues if any. Finally, the site engineers reflect the action taken/ recommendations/ issues of site visits in the OMRS.

Since the different plan activities belong to different sector heads/Dungkhag and Gewogs, they play pivotal roles by being accountable for timely and quality completion. Therefore they conduct site visits as and when required as per the recommendations and issues reflected in the OMRS by the site engineers. More so they discuss with site engineer and relevant stakeholders to resolve the issues. Then the sector heads/Drungkhag/Gewogs compile and reflect the pertinent issues, physical progress and overall progress on quarterly basis in the OMRS.

As an overall monitoring body of the organization, the DMC takes immediate action after reviewing the issues/recommendations made by the site engineers/sector heads/Dungkhag/Gewogs in the OMRS and conducts monitoring and supervision on quarterly basis according to the Annual Work Plan. Besides scheduled monitoring program, the DMC carries out monitoring based on the directive of the DTC. On need basis, the DMC also conducts site visit and monitor the activities under Dungkhag Administration spearheaded by Dasho Dzongdag. The DPO, member secretary of the DMC takes lead role in compiling reports, implementation issues, overall physical progress and financial achievement in Sector-wise/Dungkhag and Gewog and, present it to Dasho Dzondag for overall feedbacks.

This is how the overall monitoring and reporting on planned activities of the Dzongkhag are maintained. It is one of the approaches of how the OMRS enhances the concern sector heads and LG leaders to be on toes and provides overall picture of their level of performance on quarterly basis. It not only promotes the transparency and professionalism amongst the stakeholders but also fixes accountability for managing their plan activities efficiently. Since this OMRS is instituted at Dzongkhag, Sector and Dungkhag/Gewogs levels in July 20019, it is already proving crucial in providing facts and figures as per the APA mandates for review and updates.

- Wangdi Gyelpo, Dz. Planning Officer

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