Woodworking 2

Palo Alto Adult School

I am proud of what my students have done in Woodworking 2 over the past years, and I look forward to the resumption of woodworking classes in the "new normal".

Lots of thanks go to Derek and Sumit. Officially, they were my assistants. In reality, they were my mentors.

If you were a student and would like me to remove picture(s) of you or your work, please let me know. If you were a student and have some pictures of your project, please add them to the appropriate Google album.

Folding Cookbook Stand

May 2022 (Project)

Tissue Box Box

April 2022 (Project)

Groovy Cutting Board

February 2022 (Project)

Hanukkah Menorah

November 2021 (Project)

Telescoping Lamp

Fall 2021

Contemporary Bench

Winter 2020

Tea Box

December 2019 (Project)

C-Style Sofa Table

Fall 2019

Craftsman-Style Mantel Clock

Spring 2019


Spring 2019 (Project)

Cheese Slicer

Spring 2019 (Project)

Stickley Plant Stand

Winter 2019

Tea Box

Fall 2018 (Project)

Heirloom Tool Tote

Summer 2018

End-Grain Cutting Board

Fall 2018

Tea Box

Summer 2018 (Project)

Carftsman-Style Mantel Clock

Spring 2018

A Cool Cutting Board

Spring 2018 (Project)

A Trio of Boxes

Fall 2017

Say Cheese!

Fall 2017 (Project)


Summer 2017

Personal Projects