Tiger Tales 2.0

Cheyenne Wells School District Re-5

Released March 16, 2019

Composed by the Newspaper Club of Cheyenne County School District Re-5

Volume 1, Issue 3

This is your place to learn about all of the latest events and activities our students and school are involved in. If you need more information, please look at the school website www.cheyennesd.net or call 719-767-5656.

Throughout this issue, look for some St. Patrick's Day jokes.

Q: What do you call a big Irish spider?

A: Paddy-long-legs.

Technology at CW school

By Clay Brown

Have you seen all of the technology that our school has available? If you walk inot a classroom, do you see computers or other electronics to help students learn? Our school is using our access to computers to help prepare our students better for the future. It is important that studnets are well prepared for the next steps in life. This now includes computer literacy. According to a USA Today article, "The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that in 2020 there will be 1.4 million more software development jobs than applicants who can fill them." Looking into the future, our students needs to be able to enter the workforce with the neccessary skills, which includes many aspects of computer work.

At Cheyenne Wells School, from Kindergarten to 8th grade, everybody has a one to one electronic ratio. This means that every child has an electronic device. Kindergarten has iPads, 1st grade to 6th grade has Chromebooks, and 7th to 12th grade have laptops. In the ever advancing world of technology, it is important that our school stays current with technology. This computer ratio is not the same in all rural schools. There are many rural schools that have shared computers per classroom or computer labs with access. Our school is fourtunate to have these new technologies and Mr. Geiger who does a great job supplying the school with the needed technology and then keeping it up and functioning.

In order to get an idea of all the ways that computers are used in the school, I went around and interviewed the teachers to figure out how computers help them in their curriculum.

The 5th and 6th graders use their Chromebooks to research, use IXL (a learning tool), Google Slides (PowerPoint), Google Forms (create quizzes and surveys), Google Docs (Word), Google Sites (create websites), Google Drive (online file storage), Google Sheets (Excel), Google Classroom, ScreenCast-O-Matic (screen recording software). The Tiger Tales staff uses Docs, Slides, and Sites to create this newspaper.

Mr. Muth teaches 7th-12th grade social studies. He uses the SmartBoard (projection screen) to display notes, videos, examples of writing and maps and to go overthe syllabus. In the past years he has had the students create Twitter accounts to follow politicians in their thoughts. For civics, he uses NPR Newscast, a world news program. The students also use their laptops to type papers and research.Ms. Mayley teaches English. The students use their technology for turning in assignments, create and use notes, Google Drive giving the power for students to finish assignments at home, and they watch videos on the SmartBoard and their personal laptops.

Ms. Ruch teaches 3rd grade. Her class uses their chromebooks for Imagine Learning, Seesaw (video recording software), and Google Classroom for assignments. They also use the SmartBoard for projection of assignement and videos.

Mrs. Bradshaw teaches 1st grade. Her class uses their chromebooks for Imagine Learning and AR tests. Then she uses the SmartBoard for math lessons, science lessons, social studies lessons, writing, and phonics.

The school is very lucky to have this technology and the students are benefiting by preparing for the ever changing future.

This is one example of how students are learning new skills that will help them in the future. This is a game that was coded using a free site called Code.org. To create this game, directions had to be made for the user. Then the coding started, which is where the coder tells the game what to do in different situations. For example how the hand moves, what sound it makes when it bounces off the wall, if it can bounce off the wall, and much more.

Wrestling has got a lot of people's attention and many people are very anxious about it. Many People came and gathered at the school for the send off. People were cheering and shouting good luck as their coach made a speech. Everyone wished the wrestlers good luck as they made their way to the bus.

Before going to state Evan placed 6th, Jade placed 2nd and Dawson placed 2nd. Good job Evan and congratulations to Jade and Dawson who moved on to state. Both Jade and Dawson won their first march at state, but then Jade lost the quarter finals while Dawson won moving on to semi-finals. Jade soon won and moved on to consolation quarterfinals.Dawson lost the match and went to consolation semifinals while Jade wins the match and moves on to consolation semifinals. These boys have had a rough time but in the end Jade wins 4th place and Dawson wins 3rd. Congratulations!

Reflecting on his season, Jade Cozart said, "It was an up and down season for me personally because of my health. I wish I could have placed higher, but it did not happen. I have had many great memories wrestling these last four years and love the program and what wrestling has done for me."

By: Aliyah

Girls HS Basketball Review

The girls season ended after a tough showing at districts. They made it past the first round and beat Cheraw 42 to 39. Their next opponent was Kit Carson, and even though they lost, they still had a chance to play for 3rd place. The girls played a tough McClave team. They held thier own, but ended up loosing 34 to 43 to end their season.

Coach Stroble reflected on the season, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going. I'm extremly proud of the girls! They never gave up no matter the situation. That's what Lady Tiger basketball is about."

Senior, Kaci Chadwick, looked back on her senior season. "We started out the season pretty rough with all the injuries. We knew that we couldn't give up and we had to work hard because wins wound't be given to us Everyone gave 110% and put in the extra hours, but we didn't end up where we wanted to. We wish we would have made it to regionals, but we improved so much from the beginning of the season and overcame many obstacles. I loved playing with these girls and making unforgetable memories. I can't wait to see what they can do next year!"

Senior Madie Weed also looked back fondly on the season. "It was a season full of changes, working together, and growth. I am so proud of the girls on my team and how we never gave, even with 6 girls for most of the season."

Through the Hudl App we have some end of the season totals:


Madie 34

Sydney 31

Kaci 30


Kaci 186

Sydney 151

Katrina 139


Nadie 57

Sydney 25

Kaci 23

Average Points Per Game

Kaci 9.7

Reece 6.6

Sydney 6.3

Total Points

Kaci 214

Sydney 138

Madie 125

Free Throw Percentages

These athletes had over 50% average

Kaci 62.5%

Erin 55.6%

Katrina 53.8%

Boys HS Basketball Review

The high school boys basketball season came to an end in districts. The Tigers put up a good fight, but could not come away with the win. Junior Quade Pelton looked back on the season, "There was a lot of improvment through the season. I see us working hard in the off season to be better next year."

Through the Hudl App we have some end of the season totals:


Quade 40

Preseton 34

Kyle 31


Quade 130

Kody 111

Kyle 59


Quade 45

Preston 37

Kyle 32

Average Points Per Game

Quade 13.6

Kyle 7.8

Kody 5.4

Total Points

Quade 217

Kyle 148

Kody 100

Free Throw Percentages

These athletes had over 50% average

Quade 79.9%

Preston 58.6%

Brandon 57.1%

Kyle 54.1%

Flashing Back

Fractured Fairy Tales Activity

Fractured Fairytales

Have you ever thought of Cinderella from the point of view of the stepmother? Have you thought that maybe the Big Bad Wolf did not want to harm the three little pigs? These are what fractured Fairy Tales are; they show the other side of well known fairy tales. The 2nd and 3rd graders did a whole unit learning about Multiple Perspectives and used Fairy Tales. The whole school was trained this year on Depth and Complexity and are using the eleven components of critical thinking in their classrooms. In order to better understand Multiple Perspectives the 2nd and 3rd graders held a trial. They were different characters from five different fairy tales. The cases were Jack vs. The Giant, Rapunzel vs. Mother Gothel, Cinderella vs. Stepmom, Three Pigs vs. Big Bad Wolf, and Goldilocks vs. the Bears.

The trial took place on Wednesday March 7 in the boardroom. The jury, comprised of the 5th graders, listened to the testimonies, asked questions, and gave a verdict based on the cases. In order to think through the cases they looked at four different Depth and Complexity areas including Multiple Perspectives, Ethics, Details, and Unanswered Questions. During the trial all of the different characters stood up to tell their side of the story. The 5th graders listened intently in order to give their verdict. After each student, or character plead their case, it was time to deliberate. The 5th graders discussed and wrote down their verdicts based on the evidence provided.

The next day all three classes gathered together to review the trial. As a whole group they discussed what Multiple Perspectives means. Then they were grouped up by their fairy tales and the 5th graders gave them feedback about their court cases. In the groups the 5th graders also discussed the meanings of the depth and complexity pieces they used to examine the case.

Overall, it was a great experience by all students. The shared learning environment benefited 2nd, 3rd, and 5th graders. When asked about how they thought the activities went, the 5th graders said, “it was really fun to watch the students, all of the students were pleased with how serious everyone took their roles, and used their imagination to really become their characters.”

Sledding at CW school

By Clay Brown

On Tuesday March 5th and Wednesday the 6th, the 4th and 5th graders were the envy of the school. During last recess the two grades went out to the track to sled. They came to school with all of their snow gear on and their sleds. The kids had so much fun. There were big piles of snow where it had been shoveled. The kids got on them and they flew down the hill at high speeds. Laughter and smiles are everywhere. The teachers were so happy to give the children this opportunity to have fun and to give kids that had never sled before, the chance to. Hopefully more snow will fall so we can sled again.


New Faces at Cheyenne Wells

By Bailey and Kallie

We interviewed one of the new teachers here in Cheyenne Wells. We decided to interview was the new 7-12 English teacher. Her name is Miss Rachel Maley.

1.Where did you live before you came here and how were the other schools different from this school?

I lived in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The size of the school was 1,650 kids.

2.How many places have you moved?

I have moved 4 times.

3. Do you have any kids or siblings?

I have 2 brothers.

4. What is your favorite memory of your childhood.

I would watch the Badgers football team with my brothers.

5. Where did you grow up and when is your birthday?

I was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin on February 13,1993.

6. What is your favorite color and food?

I like the color purple and I like to eat french fries.

7. When did you realize that you wanted to be a teacher?

Since the 2nd grade I have known I wanted to be a teacher.

8.What do you like about Cheyenne Wells?

The people because they are nice.

HawkQuest Presentation

By Clay Brown and Aliyah Muth

On Wednesday, February 20, 2019, HawkQuest came to present to the CW school about the environment and how we need to keep it safe and respect it. Their main goal is to educate children about keeping the environment safe and clean. This presentation was provided through a grant from Excel Energy.

They stated their presentation by teaching us how specific birds hunt. Next, they brought in a Great Horned Owl, a Red-Tailed Hawk, a Bald Eagle, and a Peregrine Falcon. Gave facts about them, and showed the differences. Then, they taught us the different flight patterns. They were Flutter, Hover, Soar, Glide, and Flapping. Also, he took out some food for a bird, and whistled the bird over to him to eat. We all got in two lines to see the bird fly, and then we turned around so we couldn’t see it. The presenter then gave a hand signal to the bird to come to him. He asked us if we could hear it fly, and the majority didn’t. It was an amazing, up close and personal, experience with these large birds.

If you would like to learn more about HawkQuest, please click this button.

Hawkqeust slide

By: Aliyah

Ag in the Classroom

After AG in the Classroom

Ag in the Classroom is where kids learned about Agriculture. On February 20th, high school Ag students came to teach the elementary students to Celebrate National FFA Week. This year marked the 91 year of FFA. After Hawkquest, Kindergarten through 4th grade got to experience Ag.

One group taught about tiger smoothies. The children learned how fruits grow and then used their knowledge to make a smoothie. Another group did dirt babies. Dirt babies are little bags filled with soil and a seed. The kids draw faces on little foam cups that when the seed grew it would become the babies hair. Another group was the butter group they showed them how to make butter using salt and heavy whipping cream. They made aquifer out of sprite, cocoa pebbles, and sprinkles. They got coloring sheets with mazes and word searches. The purpose of Ag in the Classroom is to help kids learn about agriculture.

We went around and asked the 2nd graders their thoughts on the fun day in the classroom. Four kids learned about butter the most. Two kids learned about dirt babies the most. Four kids learned about aquifer the most. Two kids learned about bananas the most . One kid learned about smoothies the most. All of the kids had a great time learning.

Q: Why do people wear shamrocks on St. Patrick’s Day?

A: Regular rocks are too heavy

Jump Rope for Heart

By Clay Brown

This year, The American Heart Association came to Cheyenne Wells to teach kids about heart disease in the beginning of February. They proposed a challenge to the elementary students called “Kids Heart Challenge”. They said if we reached $1,500 in donations, they would come back with a special surprise. We did not reach that goal, but broke our record for $1,000. We were just short of our goal. On Thursday, Feb. 28th, Mrs. Noe held a “Jump-a-thon” to help raise money. She had us single jump rope, long jump rope, play “Rock-Paper-Scissors Showdown”, OSCAR, and Chinese jump rope. The high school isn’t involved in this because they are already involved in fundraisers. All the money raised goes to The American Heart Association to help kids and adults with heart disease and other heart-related illnesses. Congratulations to 1st grade for raising the most money as a class, and Kadence Kern for raising $200 as a individual.

Jump Rope For Heart

Booster Club

The Booster Club supports our school in many different ways. While, the Booster Club has been around for many years, it has really excelled in the last 6 years. There are about 35 people in the Booster Club. They do many money makers throughout the year. Their major money maker is Booster Buttons for junior high and high school athletes. They also get money for the silent action at homecoming and membership fees. Each year they receive about $4,000 from all of their money makers.

The Booster club uses the money in a variety of ways to support our school and students. This is a list of all the ways they help:

  • Athletic banquets
  • Custom treats for the people who state test
  • Give a yearly scholarship $l,000
  • Pay $5 coupons for book fair for all kids pre k-12
  • Sponsor letter jackets
  • Pay for elementary music program
  • Purchase testing goodies for grades 3-11
  • Make goodie bags for athletes for all high school and junior high sports
  • Place tiger signs on road
  • Pep rallies sponsor
  • Athlete banquet - purchase meat and decorations
  • Tigers business flags, yard signs,window stickers,t shirts,towels, beads,foam fingers
  • Membership rallies
  • Sponsor-throw back nights,breast cancer awareness game thank on veterans night
  • Sponsor-after prom gifts,games,food, snacks cerifficates
  • Teacher appreciation week-gifts-food
  • After Prom

The students benefit from all of this support greatly.

Did you know that anyone can be in Booster Club? The club welcomes members of all ages to participate in supporting our school. If you have an interest in joining please find the Booster Club on Facebook or contact the school for more information.

100 Day 2019

100 Day Celebration

It is hard to believe, but we have already been in school for more than 100 days. In honor of being 100 days smarter, many of the lower elementary classrooms had a party. Some of the different activites included dressing up like a 100 year old, making a poster with 100 items, counting to 100, and other learning games. The students had a great time enjoying themsleves celebrating this lower elementary tradition.

Q: Why do leprechauns hate running?

A: They’d rather jig than jog!

7 Mindsets

7 Mindsets

There are 7 Mindsets to a successful life. As a school we are teaching our students these different mindsets in order to be more successful. The last Mindset was "We are Connected". This mindset is all about making authentic connections and capitalizing on those relationships. Throughout the lessons there were different focuses on different ways that connections are formed, how to tell if it is a good and bad connection, and then how to build deeper connections to others. In order to bring this idea home, the 7 Mindsets committee decided to welcome a speaker to the different classes.

Andi Dwyer agreed to come and talk to the students about how connections in her life have propelled her career. She started from her upbringing in Cheyenne Wells. While reminiscing about the past, Andi talked using the assets for the community to get a leg up in the health care profession. The opportunities and knowledge she was able to gain at Keefe Memorial helped her gain needed experience. Throughout her presentation she talked about connections made in college. These then led to her first job as a research biologist. From that first step she followed her passion and made connections to move to colorectal cancer research. The students heard her work with By the end of the presentation, she brought her connections full circle back to Cheyenne Wells and helping people locally suffering from cancer. We feel very grateful having Andi, a former graduate for Cheyenne Wells, return to inspire the studentsthrouhg her connections.

The next mindset the school will be working on is 100% Accountable. We look forward to group work, bringing in more speakers, and building sucessful students.

Submitted by the 7 Mindsets Committee

Q: How did the leprechaun beat the Irishman to the pot of gold?

A:He took a shortcut!



Who’s there?


Irish who?

Irish you a happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Q: How is a good friend like a four-leaf clover?

A: They’re hard to find

High School Baseball

The high school baseball season is starting quickly. I interviwed Coach Myles Smith about the upcoming season.

How long have you been coaching?

I have coached for 9 years.

How long has baseball been in Cheyenne Wells?

it began in the early 80s.

How many kids are out?

There are 12 students our as of now.

What are you excited for this year?

I am excited that there are a lot of young kids building the future.

When does baseball start?

We have already started practice, but our first game is March 23.

Guess Who Kaci Chadwick edition

Last months winner was Brandon Noe who was the first to notify the office of the "Guess Who" studnet was. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Random Acts of Kindness week

By Clay Brown

For the week of February 17th through the 23rd, the CW school participated in Random Acts of Kindness. The Sources of Strength group hung up posters. If they did a Act of Kindness they got Pop sockets and stickers.

For the activities, they ran around the locker area and stuck nice sayings on people's lockers and filled goody bags with candy and other items. The Elementary did their part in this week by making a “Kindness Chain”. Every time one of our kids did a good deed, they got a strip of paper and wrote what they did on it. Then, they linked them all together creating a very long chain.

  • What would you get if you crossed a leprechaun with a frog? A little green man with a croak of gold!

High School Track

Track is coming up in Cheyenne Wells and fourteen people are going out for track. They are, Dawson Worley, Evan Worley, Kaci Chadwick, Madie Weed, Destiny Ryser, Reece Unruh, Quade Pelton, Kyle Nelson, Drew Scheimer, Dillon Ball, Wyatt Ball, Sydney Dickey, Brandon Noe, and Erin Minton. Some of the events are discus, shot put, high jump, long jump, triple jump, running relays 400 meter,800 meter,16 meter, 32 meter, and the 800 medley relay for girls only. The coaches are Mr. Smith and Mrs. Chadwick. Track started on March 6. Some of Mrs. Chadwick’s and Mr. Smith’s rules are the athletes can not have phones at track meets, you have to have good sportsmanship, athletes have to wear their uniform at the meet. Also they need to come to practice to participate in the meets.

By Kallie and Bailey

What you are doing for spring break?

I am going to . . . .


  • Jude - check cows.

1st Grade

  • Hoyt - go skiing.
  • Ajourney - go swimming.
  • Zaco - go to the Denver Zoo.

2nd Grade

  • Bristol - ride horses.
  • Izzy - visit my aunt and uncle who live in Lincoln.
  • Creed - hopefully go to Cucharas.
  • Tanner - swim in the pool.
  • Camden - go to my cousins house.
  • Bella - ride our peet donkey.
  • Alyson - go to a cabin in the mountains.
  • Brooklyn - get kittens.
  • Emeri - hang out with my grandma and my mom.

3rd Grade

  • Lacey - hopefully go to a water park.
  • Marcus - do nothing besides basketball and working out.
  • Trevin - wrestle, play basketball, and do chores.
  • Kase - play basketball.
  • Salem - play video games and watch T.V.
  • Caden - play basketball and do spring cleaning.

4th Grade

  • Gaidge - go to New Mexico.
  • Haven - maybe take a trip to Alamosa.
  • Cooper - ride horses.

5th Grade

  • Evan - go skiing and snowmobiling.
  • Rylan - go to Burlington.

6th Grade

  • Paige - go skiing with my family and friends.
  • Zach - go to Florida.
  • Addison - go to Farm Days.

7th Grade

  • Cylee - work and get a manicure.
  • Casie - work.
  • Amie - hopefully get my hair dyed.
  • Jonathan - do nothing.
  • Conrad - go to Seattle.

8th Grade

  • Ella - go to Breckenridge.
  • Blake - go to Florida.
  • Kass - road trip to Florida.
  • Kaylee - go to a Nuggets game.
  • Bladin - go to Florida.
  • Ethan - play God of War.
  • Dakota - play video games.


  • Erin - do nothing but watch my sister.
  • Sydney - go to Florida.
  • Julian - visit family.


  • Reece - do nothing besides track.
  • Micheal - work at Pizza Hut.
  • Andres - go to Great Wolf Lodge.


  • Destiny - go skiing.
  • Brandon - go to a Nuggets game.
  • Quade - sleep and fix some tires.
  • Jaden - stay home and do some pet sitting.


  • Jade - relax.


  • Mrs. Noe - go to a Nuggets game, watch Carson at the state Free Throw shoot, and then go to TopGolf.
  • Ms. Ruch - go visit some family and get my taxes done.
Recess is SNOW fun!

Snow Fun!

As you know snow has been coming in fast and the kids have been enjoying themselves in the snow. They have been slipping and sliding in the snow. Kids have been making snow angels, forts, tunnels hoping the weather won't destroy them. Some kids have even been thinking to start making a snowman. These kids sure know how to have fun!

By: Aliyahm

Let's Celebrate!

We are lucky to have such great students and staff, so we would like to recognize them.

  • Jade Cozart for placing 4th at state wrestling
  • Dawson Worley for 3rd place at state wrestling
  • High school girls and boys basketball teams on a great season
  • The new high school cheerleading team
    • Reece
    • Katrina
    • Sydney
    • Ella
    • Londyn
    • Kassadee
    • Makayla
    • Kaylee
  • The great artwork that is lining the hallway
  • Way to go elementary students on their reading. Many sudents made their goals. These are the class leaders.

February School Board Meeting

Submitted by Dan Hanavan

First off, thanks to everyone who is involved in developing the Tiger Tales. I am glad to see this publication make a strong comeback. For those of you that do not know me, I am Dan Hanavan, one of the creepy people that walk around the school and have meetings with other school board members everyone once in a while to talk about school policy and other small talk. If you read Chris Tallman’s update in the last edition of TT, you’ll soon realize why he should probably write all of these. I’ll be the first to admit reeding, righting and well anything English class related were knot my strongest karackteristics.

Pretty long introduction, I know, but now to get to the meat of it. The last meeting was action packed, so sorry you missed it if you if you thought eating, working or paying bills were more important. We discussed a possible music program, the senior trip, exciting school policy, buying a bus, scissor lift needs, the school calendar, and personnel to name a few. If you’d like to know details about any of those topics, well, I’ll suggest that you come to the next meeting, mainly because I like an audience. You may learn a thing or two as well, or not, but at least you could say you’ve been to a Cheyenne County School District school board meeting and get it off your bucket list. I apologize for a run-on sentence or two, but hey, I’m doing my best here. If you are still reading this attempt of an article, give me a call as I really like getting to know people with patience and a sense of humor.


Your overly concerned school board member.

  • Spring Break - March 18-21
  • Youth basketball tournament at Cheyenne Wells - March 23
  • High school Track at Lamar - March 23
  • High School Baseball at Cheyenne Wells - March 23
  • High School Baseball with Manzanola - March 26
  • High School Track at LaJunta - March 28
  • Junior High Track at Holly - March 29
  • High School Baseball - March 30
  • High School Baseball at Las Animas - April 2
  • T-ball, Baseball, and Softball Signups - April 4
  • JH track - April 4
  • High School Track - April 5
  • High School Golf - April 5
  • Golf Course Clean up - April 6
  • High School Prom - April 6
  • High School Baseball at Hugo - April 8
  • SAT Testing - April 9
  • School class photos - April 10
  • JH Track at McClave - April 11
  • Old Time Wrestling Tournament - April 12 and 13
  • High School Girls Golf - April 12
  • High School Baseball at Stratton - April 12

*All events are subject to change

What you can look for in the next edition . . .

  • Spring Sports Coverage
  • Junior High Wrestling
  • Updates from various clubs
  • More Blasts From the Past
  • FBLA coverage
  • Prom
  • After Prom
  • Previous Exchange Students
  • History Behind the Cornerstone
  • And Much More . . .

The newly formed Newspaper Club has some great ideas that they are excited to add each month so stay tuned.


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