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Cheyenne Wells School District Re-5

Released April 19, 2019

Composed by the Newspaper Club of Cheyenne County School District Re-5

Volume 1, Issue 4

This is your place to learn about all of the latest events and activities our students and school are involved in. If you need more information, please look at the school website www.cheyennesd.net or call 719-767-5656.

Throughout this issue, look for some spring jokes.

Q. What is the best day for monkey business?

A. The first of Ape-ril!

New Faces at Cheyenne Wells

By: Aliyah and Kallie

We interviewed two of the new teachers here in Cheyenne Wells and the fourth ones we decided to interview were the new kindergarten teacher and third grade teacher. Their names are Ms.Opolsky and Ms. Ruch.

Ms. Ruch

1. Where did you live before you came here and how were the other schools different from this school ?

I grew up in Sterling, Colorado, and went to Greeley UNC College. The difference about the other school was that there were 400 students.

2. How many places have you moved?

Four places Sterling,Greeley, Denver, and here.

3. Do you have any kids or siblings?

I have three older brothers that are by blood and two younger brothers with a different Dad and Mom, but I call them family.

4. What is your favorite memory of your childhood?

On Fourth of July at my grandparents' house, we had a lot of space for big and cool fireworks to set off.

5. Where did you grow up and when is your birthday?

I was born in Sterling, Colorado on June 6th.

6. What is your favorite food and color?

I like the color purple and to eat pasta.

7. When did you realize you wanted to become a teacher?

In 4th grade.

8. What do you like about Cheyenne Wells?

That is a small community and that everybody knows everybody. I like seeing my students out of school.

Ms. Opolsky

1. Where did you live before you came here and how were the other schools different from this school?

I lived in Yuma, Arizona. I taught at a Middle School with 700 students.

2. How many places have you moved?

I have moved 5 times.

3. Do you have any kids or siblings?

I have three brothers.

4. What is your favorite childhood memory?

I spent a whole day having a mud fight and broke my pinky toe.

5. Where did you grow up and when is your birthday?

I grew up in Pueblo, Colorado. My birthday is June 17.

6. What is your favorite color and food?

My favorite color is pink and favorite food is hamburgers.

7. When did you realize you wanted to be a teacher?

I realized it in kindergarten.

8. What do you like about Cheyenne Wells.

I like how friendly and welcoming everybody is.

7 Mindsets

7 Mindsets

As the year winds down, the students and staff are on the end of their mindsets. We had a special guest come and speak to the students about 100% Accountable. Throughout this unit, we have learned about how to hold ourselves responsible for our choices. This includes the situations and people we interact with. In order to connect this to the students, we asked Scott Scheimer to speak. He came in and really tied all of the Mindsets to his life. He talked about how his own personal accountability on the farm led to his development of an App. He then talked about his passion for farming and agriculture. The most impactful part was about how the connections he had since high school helped to open the door into the world of App designing. He then showed his App and how it worked to the students. After the talk, many of the children were excited and talking about how they could build their own Apps and accomplish their dreams. The next mindset is Live to Give.

Submitted by the 7 Mindsets Committee

Q. What goes up when the rain comes down?

A. An umbrella!

April Fools Day Origins

By Clay Brown

A lot of people know how at least one holiday was created. What about April Fools Day?

April Fools day got its start when a French Pope issued a charter, or law, that stated January 1st was going to be the beginning of the year. The news traveled slowly in France, so rural areas had no idea that the date was changed. These people were known as “April Fools” and pranks were pulled on them. After they got the news, they started pulling pranks on everyone on the same day, April 1st. This is how April Fools Day became the day it is.


Last week was a very special week for the high schoolers. Their very special day was PROM!! Prom took place on the sixth of April 2019. They had a dinner with their dates. Then they had the Grand March where the boys came down first in a long line. After that, they split into two lines while they waited for their dates. The girls walked down halfway before Russ Ball walked them down to see their dates. After the Grand March, they chose the king and queen. The king was Jade Cozart and the queen was Kaci Chadwick. They all danced the night away.

As the clock struck midnight, they all changed and headed to the gym for After Prom. The students first came in and filled their bellies with snacks provided. Then they started playing all of the different "Minute to Win It" games. If a person won the game, then they got a ticket. After they had 20 tickets they could go into the Cash Cube for 30 seconds. Besides the games there was a blow up obstacle course. This provided a lot of fun through the night. There was also a Cornhole Tournament. The kids were having fun until about 2:30 a.m. when it was time to hand out prizes. This year there were generous donations of refrigerators, bikes, dorm room goodies, and so much more. While it was a great night in the garden, all good things must come to an end.

Prom 2019

Interview with Former Foreign Exchange Student

As most of you might know, Cheyenne Wells has a long history of hosting exchange students. Over the years we have had students from China, Germany, Sweden, Italy, and so many more places. Each time a new student from a new place enters our life, it has the ability to alter it. The connections made after nine months of sharing a home tend to last a lifetime. These experiences have led to many students venturing oversees to spend time with their exchange student and indulging in their own culture and families.

This last spring break, one of Cheyenne Wells' former foreign exchange students came back to visit her host family. We asked Pia, from Germany, five questions to hear her thoughts on her experience.

1. What was your experience like?

Overall, I had a good experience. In the beginning, it was hard to adjust but after I made friends, it got better.

2. Did you enjoy being here?

Yes, because I liked the different way of life from Germany.

3. Why did you come to America?

To experience a new country and to learn English better.

4. What did you come to study for?

I didn’t come to study anything particular, it was just to learn English.

5. How did you handle leaving Germany?

Not that well because all my friends and family were still in Germany. Once I got adjusted to America it was better. In the end it was hard to leave because I was going to miss my host family.

Guess Who? Madie Weed edition

Random Selfie Interviews

Do you know all 146 preschool - 8th graders, 35 high schoolers, or more than 40 staff members that are all part of Cheyenne County School District Re-5? Well in order to better know everyone involved in the district, we have started to randomly pick one elementary student, one junior high or high school student, and one staff member to interview every issue. Once the interview is completed, a selfie is taken of the interviewer and interviewee.

Random Selfie Interview

What is your name?

Lacey Engelbrecht

What is your grade/age?

3rd grade/9 yrs old

What is your favorite school lunch?


What is your favorite part of school?


What do you want to be when you grow up?

Horse Rider

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?


If you could have a superpower what would it be and why?

Read minds so I can hear what others are thinking

How do you make the world a better place?

Not littering

Random Selfie Interview

What is your name?

Preston Jay Hernandez

What is your grade/age?

He is a sophmore and is 16.

What is your favorite school lunch?

He likes nachos.

What is your favorite part of school?

It is the end.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

He has no idea.

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?

He said Mexico.

If you could have a superpower what would it be? Why?

He wants time travel to see where he is going to go.

How do you make the world a better place?

He makes everyone smile.

Our selfie

Random Selfie Interview

What is your name?

Karli Strobel

What is your grade/age?

She teaches preschool. She is 35.

What is your favorite school lunch?

BBQ meatballs

What is your favorite part of school?


What do you want to be when you grow up?


If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?


If you could have a superpower what would it be and why?

Flying so I can get places faster.

How do you make the world a better place?

Instilling the the love of learning into her young students.

When does it rain money?

When there's change in the weather!


Historical Society Spring Luncheon

By Clay Brown

The Cheyenne County Historical Society hosted a spring luncheon on April 12. This year’s theme was “Historical Houses”. Rosemary Lingle found every house in and around Cheyenne Wells that is over 100 years old. Jaden Sherfick made signs to put in the lawns or by the houses of the featured homes. The 5th graders made table decorations, a map of all the houses, and a book with a paragraph about some of the chosen homes. She found 21 homes to be represented in the book. A few of the 5th graders volunteered at the luncheon and helped serve drinks and clean up.

HS Track & Field

High School Track

April 5th was a high school track meet that was in our home town Cheyenne Wells. On April 13th was a high school track meet that was in Springfield and was canceled due to weather. On April 19th, there is a high school track meet in Swink. On April 20th, there will be a high school track meet in Holly. On April 27th there is a high school track meet in Springfield.

At the high school track meet in La Junta, Reece Unruh got 3rd in the 100 meter dash and 4th in the 200 meter dash. Kaci Chadwick got 8th in discus. Brandon Noe got 8th in the 2 mile run. Quade Pelton got 2nd in high jump, 4th in long jump, and 8th in triple jump. Dawson Worley got 7th in shot put. We wish the best of luck to all of the high school track athletes.

Good Luck!!!

By: Lily

Junior High Track

This year the junior high track team is very talented and set to break many records. There is a large amount of students out to represent the Tigers. You can find them streaking across the track in orange and black. This year they have already had two track meets and are off to a wonderful start.

They are coached by Jason Muth and Sarah Hyle. Garret Smith also assists with throwing. The coaches have already seen major improvements from all the athletes. Holly was the first track meet, and the children enjoyed their time despite the cold. Then they had a meet at Cheyenne Wells a week later. The Tigers performed well, broke records, and had fun doing it. The girls especially performed well at this meet. These are some of the records they broke. Mr. Muth started keeping records in 2012.

Event New Record New Record Holder Previous Record Holder

100 Hurdles 20.28 Shaylee Scheler Kea Martin

200 29.3 Paige Ryser Skylar Ziegler

400 1:07 Shaylee Scheler Skylar Ziegler

800 2:45 Paige Ryser Rhiley Unruh

3200 15:33 Kaylee Gerstner Kaylee Frank

Long Jump 13'1 Kaylee Gerstner Karla Esquivel

Medley Relay 2:08.81 Kassadee, Kenzie Kendra Noe, Jelly Unruh

Makayla, Paige Skylar Ziegler, Nikkole Wilms

I hope you can make it or you could look at the schedule and figure out if you could come or not.

The JH track team are having track meets on

Friday April 19 Springfield 10:00

Friday April 26 Lamar 9:00

Friday May 3 Home 9:00

Untitled presentation

High school baseball

This year 12 kids are in baseball; a few of the boys are dual sporting. The coach is Myles Smith and his assistant is Joel Carrol. Currently their record as of April 14, is four wins and five loses. In the league they have two wins and five loses. In League standings, they are ahead of Idalia and Genoa/Hugo. Quade leads the team in inngings pitched; 27 total. His pitching record is three and one. Quade, Kyle, and Jade lead with on base percentage. The boys have already showed improvement from the beginning of the season. Many of the players are finding their positions and comfort level playing at this higher level of ball. Good luck Tigers!

By: Kallie Ball

Untitled presentation

FFA Competes at CDE With Results

Cheyenne Wells FFA recently competed in our District and Regional CDE’s (Career Development Events) at Lamar Community College. Cheyenne Wells FFA took 11 students 3 teams competing in three areas. The Floriculture Career Development Event (CDE) requires students to identify over 200 plants and tools, create flower arrangements and solve problems. This four-person team event consisting of Kaci Chadwick, Madie Weed , Sydney Dickie and Erin Minton did very well again at the district and regional competition, placing second in districts and fifth in regional competition. Cheyenne Wells is a contender in this event placing in the top 3 in the last 10 years at districts.

Kaci Chadwick was second high individual in districts and 5th in regionals.

Madie Weed placed 5th high individual in districts.

Horse Evaluation Career Development Event (CDE) gains new insights into equine science by evaluating and ranking horses based on breed characteristics, conformation, and performance. Participants defend their decisions through oral reasons in front of a panel of judges. Our horse judging team competed with a young team consisting of Katrina Joiner, Takota Wood, and Ashley Miller, but scoring high enough for our team to place second in districts and qualify for state.

Katerina Joiner again was an outstanding competitor taking first individual in districts and placing in the top 10 regionally.

The Agricultural Technology and Mechanical Systems Career Development Event (CDE) helps students develop technical knowledge and an ability to work with others to solve complex agricultural problems. Students and teams demonstrate a mastery of systems areas: Agriculture Fabrication, Arc Welding, Blue Print Reading, Constructions and Plumbing, Ag Power with Small Engines, and Calibrating Ag equipment. Additionally, individuals complete a written exam that covers the five agricultural areas. The Ag Mechanics team consisting of Dillon Ball, Wyatt Ball, and Kody Ryser, all freshman, competing in a senior level contest squeaked by, qualifying for state.

Submitted by Cheyenne Wells FFA

What is the shortest month?

May because it has only three letters!

Pottery Wheel

By: Roxy and Aliyah

The 7th and 5th graders have been doing clay projects on the pottery wheel. They have been very thrilled to do this. Many people have always wanted to make pottery and Mrs. Kim was able to let them do this fun experiment. Mrs. Kim showed them how to use it, and they have been making different kinds of pots, glasses, and bowls. They have working very hard to perfect their bowls and doign well so far. Mrs. Kim has been teaching them to do different techniques, and they are catching on very quickly. This is how Ms. Kim has taught students to use the pottery wheel and make differnt pieces.

1. Make a round ball out of clay.

2. Put your hands on your knees.

3. Smush the ball on the pottery wheel, making sure it is fully on or else it will sling off.

4. Then put water on the clay ball.

5. Cup your hands around the ball and lightly press on the pedal. it will start spinning.

6. When your clay is taller, put your thumb in the middle to start to create a bowl shape. Keep your other hand cupped on the side of the clay.

7. Then put yourindex and middle fingers together and place in the hole you cread with your thumb.

8. Pull it gently toward your belly button, but make sure the edges aren’t to thin or it will break.

9. Even out the edges with the tool scraper to make it look the way you like.

10. Then you will have your perfect clay pot,glass or bowl.

Go to Mrs. Kim for more details or questions. This is one art project you don’t want to miss out on!

3rd Grade Trip Around Town

On Wednesday March 23, 3rd grade went on a field trip to the City Hall and Cheyenne Wells Courthouse. At city hall, they met Mayor Baker. Mayor Baker’s job is to run meetings. He runs city council meetings, makes the rules, and reads the code book. He is a part time farmer and mayor.

He also follows the rules, pay the court house bills, and runs staff meetings. He has ben to over 20 meetings, but they don’t vote on everything. Six trustees are elected. As the mayor, he still has to sign checks. The council makes hard decisions.

The town clerk is Cindy.She checks the water rates, pays bills, organizes the town events, answers questions, and do the web sites. At the courthouse they check in with Marcy Brosman.She is the county commissioner’s secretary. .She works with everybody and answers very hard questions.

Upstairs at the courthouse there is a machine to get your driver's license.If you buy a house or land they type in the information about the land or house.They type it then they put in special index and then they put them in a big book.If you are 18 you can be selected to be in the army if there is a draft. At the treasurer’s office, they collect taxes and send it to school and work on most of the roads.

Submitted by 3rd Grader Marcus Garcia

March School Board Meeting

Submitted by Kelli Chavez

A few weeks ago, the town of Cheyenne Wells was hit with one of the strongest spring wind storm/blizzards we have had for several years. All of us who are natives to this part of Colorado were not surprised by the windy weather. However, we were all truly surprised by some of the damage that happened around town. One of the biggest issues that arose from Eastern Colorado’s windy season was the gym roof membrane becoming separated from the roof. It was lifted up like a parachute. With the roof damage, came many questions from the community about why it happened and what the school district plans to do to make repairs. The school district has contacted their insurance company and is in the process of filing the claim and getting the roof repaired/ replaced. The repairs and replacment should be completed no later than the middle of August. The School Board has also decided to host a Bond Work Session to begin the long process of getting some major updates done for our main school building.This can be accomplished through a bond issue this coming November through an election.

The purpose of the work session was to form a committee of community members to start working on a bond issue. The evening was spent discussing the major items we could repair/ replace with voter approved bond issue monies and to start gathering expense figures and data for the Bond. Of course like any school, we have a “needs” list and a ”wish” list. After much discussion, the “needs” list comes down to the following: replace the entire roof that has not already been repaired or replaced, HVAC (Heating, Ventaliation, and Air Conditioning) unit replacement, designing and constructing a secure front entrance to the school, upgrades to infrastructure, and sewer/plumbing upgrades. Based off of figures from two years ago, we would need to pass a bond for approximately 7 million dollars to make these repairs, improvements, and upgrades. This figure is an approximation due to inflation and factoring in insurance funds for the gym roof and other damage sustained from the storm.

The Committee then discussed what improvements the school was already planning to do for the coming school year. New ceiling tiles, lights and paint will be added to the gym at the Tiger’s Den building, fix the drainage issue in front of the school, purchasing a new activity bus, and replacing the gym roof which is scheduled for the middle of August 2019. We also discussed some of the highlights of the educational accomplishments of our school district. We shared the improved grade level and reading level test scores for all students. Also discussed were the 7 Mindsets Program, the teacher run Christmas and Spring concerts, competitive teacher salary for this area of the State of Colorado, and a one to one technology ratio for all students. The list of the amazing accomplishments for our students went beyond what a single article can list.

Overall, our goal is to keep improving our school! Several improvements are needed for this 20 year old building. All homes require maintenance, and our school building is not any different. The closer to Election Day we get, the more information we will have for this Bond Issue request. The Bond Committee is always in need of helpers. If you are unable to attend the meetings but still want to help, you can do that as well. Please contact a School Board member about joining the committee and getting on the list of current committee members.

Q. If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?

A. Pilgrims!

Let's Celebrate!

We are lucky to have such great students and staff, so we would like to recognize them.

  • Congradulations to Jade Cozart for being named Homecoming King
  • Congradualtions to Kaci Chadwick for being named Homecoming Queen
  • Drew and Taylor for being slected to go to West Point Morals and Ethics in Leadership Conference at Denver University
  • Kaci Chadwick has been accepted at McPhereson to play volleyball
  • Mrs. Opolsky becoming the new Technology Director
  • Good luck to the state FBLA members
  • The FFA placers at districts and regionals
  • Congratulations to Kaci Chadwick for signing to play college volleyball for McPhereson
  • Gongratulations to all of the students who have finished CMAS testing. Also a big thank you to the students, parents, and teachers for their cooperation.

  • 4/19/19 baseball VS Granada in CW
  • 4/19/19 Track meet in Swink
  • 4/20/19 Track meet in Holly
  • 4/26/19 baseball VS McClave in McClave
  • 4/26/19 girls golf in Yuma
  • 4/27/19 Track meet in Springfield
  • 4/29/19 baseball in Limon districts
  • 5/3/19 baseball in Las Animas districts
  • 5/4/19 track in Springfield
  • 5/6/19 girls golf regionals
  • 5/10/19 track in Burlington
  • 5/11/19 track in Limon
  • 5/11/19 baseball regionals in TBD

*All events are subject to change

How many months have 28 days?

All of them

What you can look for in the next edition . . .

  • Spring Sports Coverage
  • Field Trips
  • Honors Night
  • Athletic Banquets
  • Senior Profiles
  • More Blasts From the Past
  • FBLA State Coverage
  • Senior Profiles

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