Tiger Tales 2.0

Cheyenne Wells School District Re-5

Released February 28 ,2019

Composed by the Newspaper Club of Cheyenne County School District Re-5

Volume 1, Issue 2

Throughout this issue, look for sports, jokes, and trivia.

By Hannah and Don

What runs around a baseball field but never moves?

Food Inspection

By Clay Brown

The school recently had a kitchen/food inspection. I interviewed Gloria about the results of the inspection.

How well did it go?

It went pretty well. Gloria stated, “ I am very happy with the condition of the kitchen and the food.”

What were some down points?

She said, “You need to give Kindergarten-3rd grade the salad bar or give them more vegetables. That is not something that we currently offer.”

Interesting things I learned:

The school isn’t supposed to give seconds with the money that the state provides. The board agreed that it was fine to give seconds at no-charge, so the school pays for the seconds.

Free and Reduced Meals:

The students who qualify for Free and Reduced Meals don’t get any less food than students who don't qualify. The cooks don’t even know what kids have it. It is very private information. This doesn’t mean that any person could sign up for Free and Reduced Meals. They would have to qualify.

Lasting Thoughts:

Our school is very fortunate to have good food. Gloria and her staff; Billie, Linda, and Andrew, serve breakfast at three different times and then serve lunch for over an hour. Gloria arrives at school as early as three or four in the morning to start preparing and can be found on most weekends stopping in. She does this because many things the school serves are homemade. For example: the ranch dressing, meatballs, cake, desserts, rolls, biscuits, spaghetti, and lasagna are all prepared in the kitchen. We really appreciate Gloria and her staff for everything they do, so the school can provide tasty and nutritious meals.

High School Boys Basketball!

High School Boys Basketball

Game coverage of the Tigers can always be found on the Hudl App.

We have some reporting and final scores for these games:

  • South Baca
  • Weskan
  • Kit Carson
  • Kiowa
  • Flagler
  • Cheraw
  • Sharon Springs
  • McClave
  • Stratton/Liberty
  • Granada
  • Arickaree
  • Eads
  • Walsh

Tigers vs. South Baca

By Tennyson Jackson

South Baca got the ball off the jump. They then drove it to the basket scoring two. With less than a minute left of the first, the Tigers found themselves behind by four. To start the second quarter, Cheyenne Wells scored a quick two. A pass to Kody Ryser brought the Tigers closer. Preston went up to the line on a shooting foul and made both. This made the score 9-11. The Tigers finally tied up the ball game when Julian drained a three from the corner (14-14). At the end of the second, the score was 20-18 in favor of the Tigers.

After half, the Tigers pulled ahead by seven points, but the Patriots chipped away at the lead and tie the game in the third. It was a back and forth quarter, with South Baca leading 29 to 30 at the end of the third quarter. The Tigers regained the lead two minutes into the fourth quarter with an inside move by Quade and a three pointer from Kyle. The teams were close to each other, and it could have been anyone's game. They tied with just under two minutes left, 39 to 39. South Baca drove the lane with three seconds left. A Patriot player was fouled and made both points taking the lead. The Tigers tried for a long inbound, but were not successful. The final score was 39 to 41 in favor of the Patriots.

Tigers vs. Weskan

The Tigers won 33 to 32, having a close score with the Weskan Coyotes. The game came down to a last second foul and free throw for the win. That night, the Tigers were 81.8% from the free throw line. The leading scorers for the game were Quade with 14 points and Kyle with 10 points.

Tigers vs. Kit Carson

On Friday, January 18, the Tigers took on the Kit Carson Wildcats. They started with half of a junior varsity boys basketball game. They are still learning and showed progress, however they lost 13 to 32.

After the jv game, the varsity took on the Wildcats. Quade got the jump, and the Tigers immediately faced an aggressive man to man defense. The Wildcats scored quickly, and the Tigers were trailing 8 to 0. Kyle made an inside pass to Kody for the Tigers’ first points. Then Hernandez had a steal and passed to Kyle for two. Quade drove the lane, made the shots bringing the score closer, 8 to 13. Preston went to the line, and the score was 9 to 16. After strong rebounding and Preston scoring before the buzzer, it was 16 to 16. The second quarter started with Kit Carson scoring quickly. The Tigers put some points on the board with a pass from Preston to Kody for a bucket. Then Kit Carson put on the full court press. The Tigers had a tough time getting past the press. Quade left the game with an injury, and the score was 32 to 17. The scoring drought for the Tigers was ended by Kody scoring inside. This took the teams to half time. The Tigers trailed by 15.

After halftime, Quade reentered, but not for long. The Tigers started off well and had some momentum when Julian banked a three pointer to bring the score to 22. Kit Carson, however, kept scoring, and the final in the third quarter would be 25 to 52. The fourth quarter was more productive for the Tigers. The bench was utilized more in the fourth. Scoring for the Tigers would come from Kody, Brandon Greenwall, and Dillon Ball. The Tigers outscored the Wildcats 8 to 4, but ended up losing 32 to 56. The Tigers team scoring was lead by Kody with 11 and Kyle with 7.

Tigers vs. Kiowa

The Kiowa Indians had a hard time with the Tigers. In the end, the Tigers won 57 to 45. The Tigers showed their opponent who was better off the boards by out rebounding the Indians 30 to 21. Quade led the way with 12 rebounds and 17 points. Also in double digits was Kyle with 11 points, Preston with 11 points, and Kody with 10 points.

Tigers vs. Flagler

The Tigers won with a score of 42 to 36. The boys held strong and had a decisive win. The team took advantage of all thier trips to the free throw line. From those attempts, 17 went in and were added to the total. Quade and Kyle led the team in scoring. Quade had 12 points, and Kyle had 10 points.

Tigers vs. Cheraw

The Tigers were on a roll. The Tigers came out and won with the final score of 38 to 34. Again, the free throw line was a major factor in their success. The team shot 87.5% from the line. Kyle was 4 for 4, and Quade was 10 for 11 from the line. Quade would lead the team with 20 points, and then Kyle would tack on 10 more points.

Tigers vs. Sharon Springs

The Tigers suffered their next loss of the season with the score of 64 to 8. The Tigers struggled adjusting to the foul calls which got many players in foul trouble. Most of the team saw the floor that evening, since there were three games that week. Preston would be the lead scorer with 4 points in his 13 minutes of play.

Tigers vs. McClave

What a tough loss for the Tigers again! The score was 35 to 58. On this Thursday game, the Tigers had a tough outing. The Tigers did out rebound the Cardinals, pulling down 30 total, 14 of them being from Quade. As far as points go, Quade had 13 points as leading scorer, and Kody had 8 points.

Tigers vs. Stratton

On Saturday night, in front of a packed house, the Tigers took on the Knighted Eagles. The boys seemed a little nervous and had a hard time taking care of the ball. Tigers put a press on, but the quick Eagles team broke it easily. The Tigers fought back and half way through the first it was 8 to 6 in favor of the Tigers. The boys handled the pressure better and made some quick scores after adjustments were made. After 6 points from Quade, the Tigers led 12 to 8 at the end of the first. Coming out the in the second quarter, Kody would score underneath and be fouled. It would be a back and forth fast paced game. The score was 22 to 19 when Quade got in foul trouble. Then a three pointer with 7 seconds left propelled the Knighted Eagles to a 6 point lead at half.

The original starters would be back in to start the third. The Tigers came out rejuvenated and quickly scored four unanswered points. They kept battling. With two made free throws by both Brandon and Kody, the score was tied at 33. Kyle would swish a three pointer with 3:47 left in the third. On the defensive end, Kody took a charge and put some energy back in the Tigers. In the third quarter, the Tigers outscored Stratton/Liberty, 16 to 6. The Tigers kept up the momentum through the rest of the game. Fouls caught up to the Knighted Eagles, which is when many of the fourth quarter points came. The Tigers held on to the lead and came away with a 7 point victory over Stratton/Liberty. The high scorer of the game was Quade with 19. The young team played tough and improved their record to 5 and 9.

A Night to Honor Veterans

When the Tigers took on the Knighted Eagles, it was also a night to honor our veterans. The Booster Club organized the evening. The students made a long banner that said "Thank You Veterans". Then every child in the school signed it and it was displayed that night. Many of the veterans from the community came out in support. The members of the VFW presented the colors took the floor. As the National Anthem played, the orange bleachers were speckled with red, white, and blue in support of our country and local heroes. When asked about why the Booster Club choose to honor our veterans as the theme of the night and , Lynda Pelton, Vice President stated,

" We have an amazing community here in Cheyenne Wells and many stories to tell. We thought this evening, we would bring in a part of the community that we are proud of and show our support of the VFW. The night was a success and we are so thankful for the athletes, parents, community members, and veterans who all supported the evening".

Tigers vs. Granada

The Tigers could not quite capture the win against the Granada Bobcats. They ended up taking a two point loss, 41 to 43. The Tigers would out rebound the Bobcats, but that would not be enough to take home a win. Carrying the majority of the scoring for the Tigers was Quade with 20 points.

Tigers vs. Arickaree

On a Saturday afternoon, the Tigers traveled to Arickaree. They faced a tough challenge and ended up losing 30 to 64. The Tigers out rebounded the opponent on the offensive boards 14 to 6. The high scorer for the game was Kody with 14 points.

Tigers vs. Eads

The last home game of the season was on Friday, February 15th. There was a big crowd to help cheer on the Tigers. The boys needed a win against the district opponent, and they started off quick. By the end of the first quarter, the Tigers had a commanding lead, 18 to 7. The Tigers would put a press on that would result in some turnovers. Cheyenne Wells kept up the fast pace, which made it possible to tack onto their lead. They had 31 points with the Eagles trailing by 15.

The third quarter took a little time for the Tigers to warm back up. Eads was the first to get on the board after almost three minutes. The Tigers struggled pulling down defensive rebounds and drew some fouls. The upperclassman slowed down the game, and then the Tigers added to their lead. Kyle scored the first points with an assist from Kody, and then Quade would add two more. By the end of their third, the Tigers were leading 39 to 19. In the fourth quarter, the bench would see some more playing time. Coach Roberts subbed in a number of players. The Tigers would keep the lead and win 51 to 40. Two players shouldered the scoring brunt. Quade had 23 points, and Kyle had 18. While the Tigers were out-rebounded, Kody and Quade each pulled down 10.

The Tigers took this solid win to district play where they faced Granada.

Tigers vs. Walsh

The Tigers had a tough challenge ahead of them. On the last regular season game of the year, the boys would record a loss to Walsh, 39 to 74. Their overall record going into Districts was 6 and 13.

What did the coach say to the broken vending machine?

New Faces at Cheyenne Wells

We interviewed one of the new teachers here in Cheyenne Wells. The first one that we decided to interview was the new art teacher. Her name is Miss Tabitha Kim.

  1. Where did you live before you came here and how are the other schools different from this school?

I am from Denver, Colorado. The last school I taught at, however, was in Texas as I was helping out a friend who had kidney failure. The school in Texas was Title One and very diverse. I took over his advanced art classes and his 7th grade classes. Prior to Texas, I taught at a charter school in Littleton. It too was a K-12; however, I only taught part time for middle school and high school. My classes were split into subjects such as ceramics, sculpture, portfolio, 2 dimensional art, and Middle School. I really enjoyed the class sizes and each class having a particular art medium emphasis. I disliked the part time bit.

2. How many places have you moved?

This question depends if you are looking for states or city/towns. I have lived in California, Arizona, Texas, Georgia, and Colorado. In California, I lived in Fresno, Potter Valley, Ukiah, and Aburn. While in Texas, I lived in Bryan. In Colorado, I have lived in Denver, Englewood, Aurora, and now Cheyenne Wells.

3. Are you married? Do you have any kids or siblings?

Am I married? It is complicated-I am separated but I have three boys. I had a brother, and I have a sister from my birth parents. I have 5 sisters on my adopted mom side.

4. What is your favorite memory of your childhood.

My favorite memory is when I was in Potter Valley, CA. I found a kitten in the bushes on the Indian Reservation across from our house. The nice gentleman said I could take him home which I did and named him Moses. He was so young his eyes were not even open, and I had to feed him with an eye dropper.

5. Where did you grow up and when is your birthday?

I moved around a lot when I was growing up. I was born in Denver, but somehow ended up in California. In California after being adopted, I moved to Potter Valley until I was 12. My adopted mom suffered a stroke, and I went to live with my older sister until I was 14. We then moved to Denver until I graduated high school. My birthday is February 8.

6. What is your favorite color and food?

My favorite color is black, and my favorite food is sushi.

7. When did you realize that you wanted to be a teacher?

I realized I wanted to teach when I volunteered at my son's school teaching art.

8. What do you like about Cheyenne Wells?

I really enjoy the students and the size of the classes. I enjoy the quiet town.

Thank you Ms. Kim for your work in our school. We are very excited you are part of the Tiger family.

Why did the basketball player bring his suitcase to a game?

When is a baseball player a spider?

7 Mindsets

7 Mindsets

7 Mindsets is an important part of our educational system. This helps students have a better attitude and a more positive mindset. Mrs. Osborn, Mrs. Tallman, Mrs. Larsen, and Ms. Mitchek went to a training this summer to learn how to implement this program in our school. We do weekly dances and lessons in the classroom. Recently, the elementary danced and made a big circle around the cafeteria. At times, speakers will come in to talk to the students. These speakers connect their lives to the different mindsets and show us how they can lead to success. The whole school did little groups of human pretzels and attempted to untangle ourselves without breaking hands. Next up, we are going to start a kindness chain. This chain will start with 3rd grade. Lately, the elementary did a "We Are Connected" activity. We separated into small groups and made puzzles and wrote down how our group is connected. The staff and students look forward to making connections and starting new friendships.

By Roxy Unruh

High School Wrestling Feb - 28

High School Wrestling

After the holiday break, the Tigers have been busy competing at tournaments. The first tournament was in Lamar on January 12. In this tournament, the Tigers had two individuals represent the team. Jade Cozart hurt his knee earlier that week in practice. Evan Worley, a freshman, would face a tough bracket at the 145 weight class. He ended up not placing at the tournament, but it was a different story for senior, Dawson Worley. He wrestled his way through the bracket. For his last match, he ended up winning and placed first in the 195 weight class.

The next weekend, the team traveled to the other end of the state to the Trinidad Invitational. The wrestler and their coaches traveled to take on many 3A and 4A wrestlers. Jade, was back in action wrestling in the 138 pound weight bracket. He fought hard wrestling many challengers from larger schools. He ended up on the podium, placing 4th.

Then the wrestlers went the other direction the following week. They participated in the Rocky Welton Wrestling Invitational in Garden City, Kansas. Again, many of the schools there were larger. This event drew teams from Pueblo, Lewis Palmer, Kearney NE, and Randall TX. The Tigers found themselves wrestling against the number two seeded team in 4A Pueblo East and the number one seeded team in 5A, Pomona. With this large draw, many of the Tigers were unfamiliar with their opponents. Evan faced a tough bracket at the 145 pound weight class and did not end up placing. Dawson would claw his way through the 195 pound weight bracket. He placed third out of 26 wrestlers. Jade would not be present at the invitational due to a severe allergic reaction.

February would send the team on a short trip to Stratton. While there, Evan and Dawson represented the Tigers. Jade was still recovering from his recent medical issue and was not released to compete. Evan, as a freshman, fought hard. Dawson would again find himself atop the podium.

What the Tigers lacked in numbers, they made up for in tenacity. The boys have worked hard and Coach Dwyer is very proud of them. Their determination and work ethic is amazing, and it shows in their state rankings. By mid February, Dawson was ranked second in class 2A at 195 pounds and Jade was still ranked fourth in class 2A at 138 pounds.

The teams traveled to Regionals after a pep rally and senior recognition on Thursday. The two seniors, Jade and Dawson, were honored for their dedication to the sport. This would be Jade's first time on the mat in over three weeks and he fought hard. He ended up placing 2nd at Regionals and got to move on to State. Another wrestler who moved onto State was Dawson Worley. He also placed second at Regionals. Evan Worley, as a freshman, was persistent in his matches. He had a few tough match-ups and ended up placing 6th in Regionals to end his season.

There was a great article written by Nick Jurney about the tragic loss of Tyson Mitchek and its impact on the wrestling program, especially seniors, Jade Cozart and Dawson Worley. Click below to read it.

Valentines Day Parties

What kind of stories does a basketball player tell?

High School Girls Basketball

Game coverage of when the Tigers played:

  • South Baca
  • Weskan
  • Kit Carson
  • Kiowa
  • Flagler
  • Cheraw
  • Sharon Springs
  • McClave
  • Stratton/Liberty
  • Granada
  • Arickaree
  • Eads
  • Walsh

Lady Tigers in a Fight Against the Patriots

South Baca made the long drive on a Tuesday to Cheyenne Wells for a rescheduled game. The girls had their skeleton team of six ready to play, cut short because of injuries. The Tigers knew it would be a challenge against the undefeated Patriots. They were the first to put points on the board, but the Lady Patriots picked up the defense and forced some turnovers. When the Tigers tried to get the ball into the middle, the tall and athletic opposing team made it difficult. A pass from Kaci to Katrina made the score 8-2, in favor of South Baca. At the end of the first quarter, the Tigers trailed by 11. In the second quarter, the Tigers kept attacking the basket and with an offensive rebound Katrina added two more. Throughout the quarter, Sydney and Katrina both added 2 more each and Madie a single free throw. The Tigers trailed 9-34.

After halftime, the Tigers kept up the hustle, but the quick Patriots were hard to handle. The girls found themselves on the losing end of this game, with the score of 22-60. Katrina Joiner led the team with points scoring 6. The Lady Tigers had more defensive rebounds than South Baca, totaling 18. Kaci and Sydney both pulled down 5 each. The girls continued their tough schedule facing Weskan and Kit Carson next.

By: Lily

Cheyenne Wells vs Weskan

On January 12, our neighbors from the east, the Coyotes, came to take on the Lady Tigers. The Coyotes were quick and had some height to put the pressure on. Again, the Lady Tigers only suited up six players due to injuries. This included: seniors Kaci Chadwick and Madie Weed, Sophomore Katrina Joiner, and Freshmen Sydney Dickey, Erin Minton, and Carissa Ransom. The Tigers started off strong and stole the ball after the first possession of the game. The Coyotes would score first, but soon those points would be matched by Sydney. The Coyotes pressed the Tigers; however, the pressure was handled well. At the end of the first, the score was tied at 14. In the second quarter, Weskan got the ball rolling with the first basket. At one point in the quarter, the Tigers found themselves on top with a score of 22-21. Unfortunately, going into half the Tigers trailed by 6 at the buzzer.

Katrina would find herself having to sit out in foul trouble quickly after the second half started. Freshman Carissa stepped up to fill in for her. At the end of the third quarter, the Tigers were trailing 26-42. In the fourth quarter, Kaci dominated the boards. She added four points for the Tigers, but they still came out defeated, 54-30. Eleven was the magic number for the high scorers, Kaci and Sydney. The girls continued to battle and hustle through their season under first year head coach, Karli Strobel.

Cheyenne Wells vs Kit Carson

On Friday, January 18, the Lady Tigers took on the Kit Carson Wildcats. They had a tough challenge on their hands facing the number one ranked team, especially with only six players. Kaci Chadwick got the jump, but the Tigers could not capitalize on it. However, the Tigers got on the scoreboard when Katrina Joiner made her first free throw. Kit Carson soon followed suit. After back to back steals, the game was six to one. Cheyenne Wells scored again after Kaci drained a long three ball. That was not enough to spark the Tigers though, as Kit Carson added to their lead the rest of the quarter. Right before the quarter ended, a pass from Kaci to Sydney in the post put two more on the board for the Tigers. This brought the score 6 to 18. The second quarter Kit Carson ran the ball more, and the Tigers could not get in a rhythm. After halftime, the Tigers continued to battle but could not come out of it. The final score was 12 to 51.

Lady Tigers take on Kiowa

The Lady Tigers picked up a quality win on January 19, when they faced the Kiowa Indians. Kiowa matched the points Erin made and put a tough press on the girls. The Kiowa defense was very aggressive and saw their fouls tally fast. With 15 seconds left in the 1st, Sydney made both free throws to bring the score 6-7. Madie scored first in the second by driving in a layup to take the lead. Kaci added to the Tigers lead by making both of her free throws, making the score 10-7. The girls played tough defense and made their presence known in the middle of the paint. With just less than four minutes to go in the 2nd, both teams ended up in bonus due to fouls. Madie made one of her free throws putting the Tigers up by four. A free throw by Katrina and short jumpers made by Katrina and Kaci had the Tigers up by seven with less than one minute in the half. The Tigers went into the locker room with the lead, 17-9.

After half, Sydney was first to score. It took Kiowa three minutes to add a field goal to their total. Kaci made a free throw line jumper to make it 21-11. A nice pass by Madie to Sydney sparked the Tigers late in the 3rd quarter. Erin drained a three, and Kaci made a tough, under the basket shot, and free throw. This brought the score 29-15. The fourth quarter was back and forth points with Kiowa keeping the press on. The Tigers found themselves at the line numerous times. Kiowa closed the gap to seven, but the Tigers held on. Kaci sealed the game with two made free throws with less than 30 seconds left. Then with less than one second left on the clock, Madie went to the line and made the final score 41-31.

Even though there were only six girls, they never slowed down and continued to hustle. They forced 21 turnovers and had 11 blocks. They used their height to their advantage to gain rebounds. Katrina led the team with 16 rebounds. A big scoring performance from Kaci with 16 points and the senior leadership from Madie and Kaci helped give the girls a good win.Their record improved to 2 and 9.

Lady Tigers vs. Flager/Hi-Plains

The Tigers won with a great victory of 40 to 28. They started out with the lead and did not give it up. The score was 20 to 11 going into half. The rest of the game was a little closer, but the Lady Tigers held the lead. Points off turnovers were a highlight for the Ladies. They garnered 16 of their total points from them. Out of the six, five of the players got to see more than 30 minutes of playing time. Topping the team points was freshman, Sydney, who had 14 points 5 of 6 within the arch. Kaci was also in double digits, adding 11 points.

Lady Tigers vs. Cheraw

The Tigers won again with a close score of 46 to 40. The Tigers were on a roll. Kaci had a big night for the Tigers. She scored 20 points in the game. Sydney tacked on another 10. Katrina did her part underneath, getting 11 defensive rebounds and 1 offensive rebound. Through this stretch, the Tigers really showed solid improvement as a team.

Lady Tigers vs. Sharon Springs

Lady Tigers suffered a loss of 49 to 32, starting a long week of three games. Still the Lady Tigers fought hard, but could not come up with the win. They came out well, having the lead 9 to 5. The second quarter still had the Ladies in the lead 16 to 14. Katrina saw only 14 minutes of play. Kaci was lead scorer with 14 points, and fellow senior Madie had 8 points.

What is harder to catch the faster you run?

Lady Tigers vs. McClave

The Tigers took on a strong district opponent on January 31. It was a low scoring game. The Tigers ended up taking a loss 19 to 31. The Ladies outperformed McClave on defensive rebounds, grabbing 18. Also, the Tigers had 8 blocks while the Cardinals had 0. The high scorer for the game was Madie with 7 points and Kaci with 6 points.

Lady Tigers vs. Stratton/ Liberty

The Lady Tigers took on the Stratton United Eagles. The Tigers got to a quick start with a free-throw from Katrina and then Sydney had a put back which brought the score 3 to 0. The Knighted Eagles came back and tied it 3 to 3 but not for long. The Tigers put up two more for 5 to 3. Then Katrina had another foul in the first quarter, so she had to take a seat. The second quarter saw Katrina back in, and she quickly made up for it with a basket. The Tigers made a three pointer to bring the score to 7. Another three pointer by Kaci from way behind the arch brought the score 10 to 6. Erin added onto the lead bringing the score 12 to 6. Katrina got a third foul with about almost 3 minutes left in the second and sat the bench in order to make sure she could play the rest of the game. Sydney also got her third foul. By the end of the first half, the score was 21 to 8 in favor of the Lady Tigers.

The start of the third quarter had the Tigers score first with a quick layup by Madie and then another two by Katrina making the score 25 to 8. Stratton/Liberty saw their first point of the third-quarter after Katrina committed her fourth foul. Katrina‘s absence wouldn’t let that stop them though. The Tigers outscored the Eagles 13 to 1 in the third quarter and had a large lead 34 to 9 going into the fourth. The Tigers continued their dominance through the rest of the game. They tacked on nine more points to the total. Six of those points were from Katrina before she fouled out with 1:46 left. The final score was 43 to 15. The high scorers were Katrina with 13 and Sydney with 11. The Lady Tigers improved their record to 5 and 10.

Lady Tigers vs. Granada

The Lady Tigers would make the road trip to Granada. After strong play, the Tigers came home with the win, 52 to 30. The girls played a solid game, shooting over 70% from the free throw line. Kaci was the leading scorer with 16 points and also had 5 blocks. Madie added 11 points while Katrina added 10.

Lady Tigers vs. Arickaree

The Lady Tigers grabbed another win, 50 to 40, against Arickaree. The tall Tiger team out rebounded the opponent 35 to 27. There were three scorers in double digits including Kaci with 17, Madie with 12, and Sydney with 10.

Lady Tigers vs. Eads

The last district opponent the Tigers faced was the Eagles. This not only was the last regular season game, it was also critical to the standings going into district play. The winner would have the more favorable 3 seed going into districts.

Eads started the game dominating. They quickly pulled ahead and had the lead 11 to 4 going into the 2nd quarter. However, there would be a turnaround for the Tigers. The 2nd quarter would see Kaci drain a three pointer, and Madie drive the lane to add on a few points. Reece, who had been out injured since Christmas, was beneficial to the team. She added a three pointer and then had a quick steal which she passed to Madie putting up two more. At the end of the exciting 2nd quarter, the Lady Tigers were trailing 17 to 21.

After halftime, the Ladies stayed in the game with strong rebounding and spreading out the scoring. The Tigers trailed the Eagles by 6. In the 4th quarter, the excitement picked up. Only 9 points total were scored by both teams. Madie made a pass to Sydney to bring the score 28 to 32. Sydney made another basket, bringing it within 2 points. Sydney then drove to the basket and tied the ballgame at 32. Eads managed to get a field goal and take the lead back. The Tigers had a chance to tie the game with a free throw, but could not capitalize. However, the Eagles did tack on 1 free throw to squeak out a tough 35 to 32 victory over the Lady Tigers. Sydney and Madie each had 10 points as the night's high scorers.

On this night, the two senior female basketball players were recognized after the game. Kaci Chadwick and Madie Weed took center stage as their parents were introduced, and their favorite memories were shared. These girls are leaders that will be missed on and off the court.

Lady Tigers vs. Walsh

After the long weekend, the Lady Tigers played their last regular season game. The Tigers dominated the first half, leading 24 to 11. The second half proved to be harder to keep the lead. The Tigers kept enough of the lead to get the win 44 to 41. This improved their record to 8 and 11 going into Districts.

How is the baseball team similar to a pancake?

Junior High Wrestling Feb - 5

Junior High Wrestling

The junior high wrestling program started at the end of January. There are six 6th graders and two 8th graders participating in the program. They are coached by John Skoff and James Dwyer. They have six tournaments throughout the whole year. The boys do not have a lot of experience with wrestling but have a lot potential. Taegan Eiring, Seth Wells, Zach Dickey, Gabriel Zamarripa, Ryan Adamson, Bryson Hyle, Chason Turner, and Levi Adamson are in the wrestling program. They have had one tournament so far this year. They wrestled at Cheyenne Wells, and many of the wrestlers experienced their first matches ever that Friday. At the end of the day, two Tiger wrestlers took home medals. Chason placed 3rd and Levi took home 2nd. As the season progresses, they would appreciate your support so go cheer them on.

By: Lily

Why didn't the dog want to play football?

Junior High Girls Basketball

Monday, January 14, was a busy night for the Junior High Lady Tigers. They fought their way through the Junior High League Tournament where they faced Holly first. The girls played a tough first half and went into the locker room with momentum. They kept up the lead through the third quarter. A last second steal and layup by Londyn brought the score to 22 for the Tigers, leading by 9. In the fourth quarter, Ella made a free throw to pull the lead further away from Holly. The girls got a big boost from a made 3 pointer. They did a good job of capitalizing on the open person, passing under the basket inbound, and a long pass from Danica to Londyn. The tough play inside by Londyn helped lead the Tigers. She racked up 8 points that game, and Paige had 11. Kassadee and Ella chipped in three each, and Kaylee had two. The Lady Tigers played an impressive game across the board and got the win, 27-16. This would take them to the finals to play Kit Carson for the championship.

The Tiger's Den had a good crowd for the league championship game. Kit Carson did damage early on with some fast breaks. Two minutes into the game, the Tigers found themselves behind 4-0. That would soon change when Paige put the first points on the board driving the lane. This quarter was full of tough defense on both ends. Londyn worked hard on the inside, guarding a much taller opponent, to keep the ball out of her hands. By the end of the first, the Tigers had battled back and had the lead, 10-8. In the second quarter, the Tigers were the first to score with Londyn adding 2 points for the Lady Tigers. The Tigers would have to finish it out without their point guard, Kassadee, who injured her foot. With little time left on the clock for the quarter, Shaelee goes to the line for a free throw. She made her first shot tying the game at 13 and again with the second shot to take the lead. With that, the girls headed to the locker room for halftime.

To start the second half, Kit Carson came out ready to run the ball. They got two fast breaks to take the lead 17 to 14. Kaylee was the first to score for the Tigers making the score 16-19. The Lady Tigers played tough, but the Wildcats started to pull away with the lead. With 1:13 left in the 3rd, the Wildcats were leading 22-16. The Tigers wouldn’t be kept down though, and two more points were scored before the end of the 3rd. The game was exciting, and the 4th quarter would only add to that. While Kit Carson kept up their scoring, the Tigers had some intense plays to keep battling. Kaylee made a great pass to Danica to make the score 20-26. Londyn drove to the basket after a steal and made a pressured layup to bring it within four. Paige had a fast break and missed; but thankfully, Kaylee was there to rebound and put it back up. On her attempt, she was fouled, received two shots, and made both; so the Tigers were only trailing by two. The Lady Tigers were in it and kept the hustle up but could not get any closer to the Wildcats as they took the win 36-26. The heart and determination that this entire Tiger team showed in this tough contest speaks to the great character these Ladies have. They finished 2nd in the north division. The high scorers in this game were Londyn with eight and Paige and with six.

After the two games, the Lady Tigers traveled to McClave to take on the second place finishers, McClave Cardinals, in the Southern League. After arriving a little late, the girls were behind from the beginning and could not find a rhythm after the start of the game. The girls found themselves trailing at halftime without scoring one point.. The second half would not prove to be much better. The girls tried to fight back, but they could not recover, scoring 7 points the whole game. Danica, Paige, and Makayla would be the only girls to add to the score.

The girls had an impressive season and made huge gains throughout the year.

Junior High Girls Basketball Feb 2019

Junior High Boys Basketball

Monday January 14, was a big hit for the junior high boys. They scored hoops and baskets to make it into the top spot in the league tournament. The Eads Eagles came in ready for a basketball battle, and the Tigers gave them that. With the score close and basketballs flying, the Tigers were ready for their game. It was a tough battle, but the Tigers dominated through it all. Before they knew it, the Tigers had won and were facing Kit Carson for 1st place in the bracket.

After the victory against the Eagles, the Tigers took on the Kit Carson Wildcats. The Wildcats fought hard to win, but the Tigers fought harder. With Ty Scheler making two layups in the beginning, the Tigers were on a roll. They only pulled farther ahead when Carson Noe made a three pointer. When half time came, the Tigers led 16-11 and were sure to win. After half time, the teams were fired up and ready to play. Tigers went on the court proudly. Alex Arroyo, number 30 for Kit Carson, had a free throw and made it. The Tigers quickly went down the court and had two shots, but only made only one. Coach Muth called time out. After a pep talk and redirection, the Tigers went back on the court. Paul Mitchek, number 20 for the Kit Carson team, made a three pointer that pulled them only one point behind the Tigers. The Tigers were downcast and hoping for the best , but a shot from Tanner Conaway gave the Wildcats the lead. Coach Muth called a timeout as the team went to the sidelines determined to win. After one shot from the Tigers, a miss, Kit Carson called a time out. The Tigers got a free throw and made one out of two. Kit Carson was ahead only by a little, but that all changed as Carson Noe made it even 29-29. At the last minute, Ty Scheler made a basket underneath making it 31 -29. The Tigers won as the buzzer rang.

The win from Monday night would see the Tigers play on Tuesday night in McClave. The tournament this year was expanded to 10 teams, split into a north and south division. The Tigers came away as the first place team from the north and would face Wiley, the first place team from the south. The Tigers had a tough match up. The Panthers had two inside players that dominated the undersized Tigers. Coming off the wins from Monday, the Tigers could not get their rhythm on Tuesday. They fought hard but ended up losing. In the overall tournament, they were runner up and ended the season with a winning record of 9-5.

When asked about the season, Mr. Muth’s said …

"Coach Akers and I are extremely proud of the boys this season. They played with great determination and heart. The boys were out sized in most games this year, but were able to find success with their hustle and aggressiveness."

Top Scorers

These are the 5 top scorer averages for A team:

Ty Scheler - 8.7 points per game and top free throw shooter making 24/46

Jonathan Reyna - 4.5 points per game

Carson Noe - 3.9 points per game

Zach Dickey - 3.5 points per game

Blake Gilmore & Perry Chadwick - 2.6 points per game

The top scores for B team were Conrad Ball and Carlos Aragon.

Notable Achievements

Won the Knights of Columbus Tournament.

Placed 3rd at the Granada Tournament.

Placed 2nd in the 10 team League Tournament.

By: Aliyah Muth

Junior Boys Girls Basketball Feb 2019

Snow Day

Tuesday, January 29, we had a snow day. So the newspaper took the time to ask kids around the school of Cheyenne Wells how they spent their day.


Kaci - "I cleaned my room."


Kyle - "I played basketball and shoveled snow."

Quade - "I played basketball and shoveled snow."


Preston - "I watched Netflix."


Wyatt - "I was sick and slept all day."

Julian - "I went to practice."

Kody - "I towed Paige out of a ditch."

8th Grade

Kaylee - "I slept in."

7th Grade

Amie - did her homework, she read, and she played cards

Cylee - "I did diamond art."

6th Grade

Paige - "I played in the snow on the Razor."

5th Grade

Aiden - "I worked on my Genius Hour Project making a video."

4th Grade

Kathren - "I got attacked by my puppy, so I threw snow balls at him and went sledding."

3rd Grade

Kase - "I went to Lamar and horse raced."

Kamryn - "I played in the snow with Emeri and Averi and got frostbite twice."

2nd Grade

Roary - "I had a snowball fight."

Haevyn - "I had a snow ball fight, dug tunnels in the snow, and made bath bombs."

Rowdy - "I played in the snow, buried myself and rode the razors in the snow."

1st Grade

Zaco - "I woke up early and played Fortnite all day."


Aiden - "I rode my sled, watched T.V. I ate snow and drank hot chocolate."

Hunter - "I was inside and played video games, like Jurassic World."


Deverah - "I jumped in a big snow pile."

Kenzie - "I had a party outside and had fun all day."

Raylee - "I jumped a lot."

Hallie - "I played outside until it was dark."


Mrs.Flora -"I watched a movie using my new Firestick and rested."

Mrs. Osborn - "I did some grading and lesson planning."

Why do basketball players like donuts?

Guess Who?

Guess Who?

Take a minute to look through the slideshow and get to know one of our students better.

What is an insects favorite sport?

Basketball Fundraiser

Basketball Club Fundraiser

The Basketball Club had a fundraiser on Tuesday, January 8. The high school boys were tasked with finding sponsors that would pay for each free throw they made out of 100. Since it was going to be a late evening, the boys' basketball parents provided free soup and desserts for the community.

After eating, people found a spot in the gym to support the boys. Coach Matt Roberts started the evening by thanking everyone for their support of the program, including his players for their extra hours and the coaching staff who helps him. He welcomed Russ Ball, president of the Basketball Club, onto the floor. Mr. Ball thanked the crowd for their support and shared some of the things the Basketball Club has done over the years. The Club has supported not only the basketball program, but the youth of the community in many ways. They have purchased a leg press for the weight room, new youth basketballs, five new basketball racks, five shooting dummies, a shooting machine, a tackling dummy, shooting warm ups, shirts for the 3, 4, 5, and 6 grade teams, Hudl accounts with live action footage, and new playground equipment. They have also donated $1,000 to the Luke Schemm Memorial, Tyson Mitchek Memorial, and Brooke Pearce Memorial. After this impressive list, Kendall Pelton was invited to speak about the impact the Basketball Club had on him. Kendall expressed his appreciation toward the equipment and technology that the program had access to, which prepares kids for the next level, and then wrapped up his speech by complimenting the town on their great support.

Coach Roberts came up again to explain the fundraiser. The boys had three different hoops where they would shoot 100 free throws. The number of baskets they made would decide how much money was made. Supporters could donate a specific amount to whomever they sponsored or donate a flat amount. Russ Ball, James Halde, Jack Blake Pearce, Matt Roberts, Trenton Akers, Conrad Ball, Carson Noe, and Taegen Eiring helped keep track of all of the shots made. Thirteen of the boys were present to shoot, while one was sick. The Basketball Club and team would like to thank the community for their support.

These are how many free throws out of 100 the boys made.

Quade Pelton - 91

Brandon Noe - 70

Julian Aragon - 66

Kyle Nelson - 65

Preston Hernandez - 65

Wyatt Ball - 61

Brock Ziegler - 61

Brandon Greenwall- 55

Corbin Schneider - 50

Evan Worley - 49

Dillon Ball - 48

Kyler Chick - 42

Kody Ryser - 41

Blast From the Past

By Tennyson Jackson

The Newspaper Club has been looking through old editions of the Tiger Tales to gain inspiration. While reading these different articles, they had the idea to include in each edition some of the different pieces that were published. We hope you enjoy looking back on the memories.

This was taken from the November 1994 edition of the Tiger Tales

This was a senior profile.

Ag In The Classroom

By Zoey Gribble

With FFA Week approaching, we thought it would be a good idea to interview Mr. Livingston to learn about what will be happening during that week. One of the major focuses is Ag in the Classroom.

What is Ag in the classroom?

It is a time when high school agriculture students go into the elementary classes and teach about agriculture.

What is the activities your doing this year?

We will be making and learning about Tiger smoothies, butter, the Ogalla Aquifer, Dirt babies

Who are the kids in your class this year?

The students are Madie Weed, Kaci Chadwick, Michael Sharp, Dillon Ball, Wyatt Ball, Sydney Dickey, Erin Minton, Kody Ryser , Julian Aragon, and Takota Wood.

How long have you been doing Ag in the Classroom:

I have been doing it for 12 years in Cheyenne Wells.

Do you get to pick the kids in your class or do they chose?

They get to choose.

Who sets it up?

Myself and the Ag students

Do they work in partners?

Yes, they work in partners.

Who got Hawk Quest to come to the school?

We have brought them here before through other connections. This time, an Excel Energy grant is what made this presentation possible.

We look forward to reporting on how Ag in the Classroom goes on Wednesday, January 20.

Basketball Camp

As you know it is basketball season again, and Coach Roberts has started the basketball camp again. Here are some questions we asked about the camp. We would like to thank him for starting the basketball camp and putting a lot of effort into helping the youth at the school.

  • What inspired you to start the Basketball Camp?

To have a successful basketball program, you need kids with good fundamentals and shooting form. These camps help develop that.

  • What is your goal for the camp?

To help develop our youth fundamentals and hopefully get kids interested in playing basketball.

  • What got you not to charge a fee this year?

We hoped with not charging, more kids will come. We will also be giving out free basketballs courtesy of the Cheyenne Wells Boys Basketball Club.

    • What are you teaching the kids?

Jump stop, bounce pass, pivot foot, shooting form, dribbling drills, and teamwork.

    • Do you think by the time camp is finished, the kids will scrimmage?


  • Do you plan on doing this again in the future?


  • Do you think it made an impact on the kids?

I hope so.

Art and Talent Show

The 5th and 6th graders put on another event for the school on February 7th. They hosted a talent show and art walk. Mrs. Flora also had a scavenger hunt for families to do. There was a great turn out with over 100 people in attendance. There were many different acts including singing, dancing, piano playing, and hoverboard. At the end of the night all the acts received a certificate and bracelet sponsored by Kayanne's Stylette. The acts that placed were awarded medals. The 5th and 6th graders would like to thank all of the acts whose great talent made for a wonderful show and also all of those in attendance.

There was art all over the walls. Most of this art was from the students' art work they completed during class. This included water color perspectives, paper quilting, dragons, and even ceramics. There were also a few different pieces that were brought in from outside the school to decorate the cafeteria and halls.

The different lip syncing acts were Baily, Chesnee, Chyanne, Lacey, and Paisley. We also had some piano playing. Oaklee started the night, Kallie was on later, and the last piano act was Alyson. There was one act who combined piano and singing performed by Jaslyn and Caden. There were also some dancing acts that included Hannah, Emily, and Lily. Bristol performed gymnastics, and we had Ayden on the hoverboard.

The acts that placed were Chesnee and Izzy, who sang “Fight Song”, Hannah danced to “Dance for Life”, Lily danced to “Never Had a Friend Like Me”, Izzy sang “Lost Boy”, Caden played the piano as Jaslyn sang a song. They all did a great job. In this group, 1st place was IZZY and CHESNEE, and 2nd place was CADEN and JASLYN. For solos, 3rd place was IZZY and 2nd place was HANNAH and 1st place was LILY.

By: Lily

*Stay tuned for pictures next month.

Let's Celebrate!

We are lucky to have such great students and staff, so we would like to recognize them.

Great job on the hard work!

Junior High High Honor Roll

  • Makayla Brossman
  • Kassadee Dickey
  • Londyn Eiring
  • Kaylee Gerstner
  • Blake Gilmore
  • Ella Weed
  • Conrad Ball
  • Carson Noe
  • Jonathon Reyna

Junior High Superintendent's Honor Roll

  • Bladin Domsch
  • Perry Chadick
  • Danica Nelson
  • Amie Niles
  • Isabella Lopez

Junior High Principal's Honor Roll

  • Levi Adamson
  • Ethan Campbell
  • Seth Wells
  • Casie Minton

High School High Honor Roll:

  • Kaci Chadwick
  • Madie Weed
  • Taylor Spangle
  • Jaden Sherfick
  • Dillon Ball
  • Wyatt Ball

High School Superintendent's Honor Roll

  • Kyle Nelson
  • Brandon Noe
  • Drew Scheimer
  • Reece Unruh
  • Sydney Dickey

High School Principal's Honor Roll

  • Jade Cozart
  • Dallas Snow
  • Destiny Ryser
  • Quade Pelton
  • Kayla Watson
  • Andres Baeza
  • Brandon Greenwall
  • Preston Hernandez
  • Erin Minton
  • Brock Ziegler

High Honor Roll

Superintendent's Honor Roll

Principal's Honor Roll

High Honor Roll

Superintendent's Honor Roll

Principal's Honor Roll


These are the FBLA regional scores. Great work everyone! These students will go on to compete at State FBLA.

Congratulations to the following FBLA members for placing at the District Leadership Conference.


Madie Weed--1st place

Business Communications

Kyle Nelson--3rd place

Business Ethics

Kaci Chadwick, Drew Scheimer, and Madie Weed--1st place

Computer Applications

Taylor Spangle--3rd place


Dillon Ball--5th place

Introduction to Business Procedures

Reece Unruh--2nd place

Drew Scheimer--1st place


Erin Minton--4th place

Management Information Systems

Preston Hernandez, Kyle Nelson, Taylor Spangle--1st place

Website Design

Dillon Ball, Wyatt Ball, and Kody Ryser--4th place

Word Processing

Wyatt Ball--5th place

Sydney Dickey--4th place

Name Tag Design

Madie Weed, Taylor Spangle, and Kaci Chadwick--3rd place

State Selection Committee

Taylor Spangle--3rd place

Cheer Tryouts

Congratulations to the Junior High Cheer Team!

  • Oaklee Mitchek
  • Roxy Unruh
  • Aubry Caroll
  • Addison Engelbrecht
  • Kendra Wendt
  • Evan Schiemer
  • Aliyah Muth
  • Lily Fusselman
  • Savanna Worley
  • Chamille Giron
  • Gabbi Trevino- Lopez
  • Coach- Brittini Talbert

Fans of the Year

On the last home game and senior night, the Boys Basketball Club recognized the Fan of the Year. Last year, Steve Benge was awarded the recognition. Donna and Jerry Hoss won the honor this year. They received a gift certificate from The Silver Bead. They attend many of the games both at home and away and are loyal fans to the Tigers. Thank you for your support!

January School Board Meeting

Submitted by Chris Tallman

Really glad to see the Tiger Tales has returned to our school. As some readers may remember, I was actually a member of the high school journalism class that published some of the original Tiger Tales over twenty years ago.

I'm writing today, not as a student, but as the President of the Board of Education. These articles should be a great way for the students, staff, and the community to hear some of the wonderful things going on in our school. I wanted to give an update on a few of the things that the School Board has discussed at our most recent meetings.

Probably the most prevalent issue, is the decision to pursue a bond issue for improvements on the school. This bond issue would come in November of 2019. We are very lucky to have a great school building, but, with the building and its infrastructure nearing 20 years old, there are many maintenance issues facing the school. When it comes to roofing, heating and air conditioning, and other items, the costs can quickly run into the millions of dollars. Yes, millions.

The Board of Education has worked very hard over the past several years to make repairs and changes that are within our budget abilities, and we will continue to do so. But as we face even larger and more expensive repairs, a bond issue would allow us to collect enough revenue to complete the needed repairs.

We also talked about the possibility of asking for a Great Outdoors Colorado Grant (GOCO) grant for a new track. This would allow us to receive up 75% of the replacement cost of the track surface. A replacement for the activity bus was also on the agenda for discussion.

Please stay tuned for more exciting news from the Board of Education!

What you can look for in the next edition . . .

  • High School end of season Winter Sports Coverage
  • Spring Sports Coverage
  • Junior High Wrestling
  • Updates from various clubs
  • More Blasts From the Past
  • FBLA coverage
  • State Wrestling
  • Booster Club Report
  • Sources of Strength
  • Hawkquest
  • St. Patrick's Day
  • Technology
  • And Much More . . .

The newly formed Newspaper Club has some great ideas that they are excited to add each month so stay tuned.

  • Ag in the Classroom - February 20
  • High school district basketball - February 19 and 21
  • State wrestling - February 21 to 23
  • Junior High Wrestling at Eads - February 26
  • Junior High Wrestling at Holly - February 28th
  • Regional basketball - March 1 and 2
  • Junior High Wrestling at Fowler - March 2
  • FFA Quiz Bowl - March 4
  • State basketball - March 7-9
  • Ball field Clean up - March 10
  • Daylight savings time - March 10
  • Parent Teacher Conferences - March 12-13
  • Junior High Wrestling at Lamar - March 15
  • Spring Break - March 18-21
  • Youth basketball tournament at Cheyenne Wells - March 23
  • High school Track at Lamar - March 23
  • High School Baseball at Cheyenne Wells - March 23
  • High School Baseball with Manzanola - March 26
  • High School Track at LaJunta - March 28
  • Junior High Track at Holly - March 29

*All events are subject to change

Do you want to help celebrate our school?

This newspaper is compiled by our staff and students in their spare time to inform the public about our school and showcase what our students are doing. Our hopes are to release stories monthly to our readers, so please feel free to share this electronic source. Also, if you have any article ideas or if you would like to help, please let us know by contacting Ashton Mitchek at 767-5656 or finding a member of the Newspaper Club. We look forward to hearing from you.

Students who helped with this newspaper: 5th Grade - Roxy Unruh, Zoey Gribble, Lily Fusselman, Clay Brown, Aliyah Muth and Tennyson Jackson, and 4th grade Kallie Ball. Hannah Gilmore, and Baily Pietschman Editor: Ashton Mitchek. Reviewed by: Mary Jo Tallman, Kelsey Roberts, and Nancy Larsen. Also, we would like to thank everyone who contributed with information and pictures, especially Myka Ryser,Wendy Dickey, and Billie Cozart.

Your support of the first issue was amazing, and we hope you have enjoyed reading the latest news.


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