Welcome to the wonderful world of Bragg School Clubs and Activities!

2020-2021 Edition

Bragg students have a wide range of interests, hobbies, and even curiosities. The many clubs and activities we offer here will help support and foster these interests and maybe even spark a new one! Take a look at the Clubs and their descriptions to see what may appeal to your child.

At this time, we will be holding several clubs remotely. These are listed below. Clubs will all begin after 4:00, allowing time for all scholars to be able arrive home and attend online. We look forward to opening other clubs as soon as it is deemed safe and appropriate to do so.

Also, the Chester Board of Education has waived ALL FEES for clubs this year!

If you have any questions, please contact the teacher advisor directly or Bragg’s main office.

Announcers Team: Open to 5th grade students. A rotating roster of announcers will prepare, write, practice, and record Bragg’s morning video announcements. Students may sign up at any point in the school year. Announcers Team takes place during the school day remotely; Contact the Advisor, Mrs. Tompkins for more information

Environmental Club: The Bragg School Environmental Club is a committee that is offered to all 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students at Bragg School. The club’s primary objective is to create and raise awareness of caring for and protecting the environment and planet that we live on. Each student learns that everyone can make a difference whether it’s starting in their school, Chester community, or at home. Advisor: Mrs. Kozlowski

Helping Hands: The “Helping Hands “ Club at Bragg Elementary School is a service club whose mission is to encourage students to volunteer their time and energy to help others who are less fortunate in our community and world wide. We also focus on spreading kindness throughout the school. Previous activities have included: collecting socks for the homeless, writing greeting cards to our local police officers and heroes overseas, providing books to a school in Chicago without a library and many more rewarding activities. If you think your child may be interested in being a part of this experience, have them join us and lend a “helping hand”. If you have ideas for projects, we are always exploring new ways to benefit our community! Advisor: Ms. Capan

Homework Club: Open to all grade levels. Students can complete homework, study for tests, and/or receive extra help in a structured and supervised setting. In order for students to be successful they are encouraged to bring homework planners, homework assignments, and independent reading novels. Students will have access to technology in order to complete any digital assignments. Advisors: Ms. Johnson, Mrs.Polkowski, and Mrs. Vindici

Newspaper/Lit Magazine Club - Open to all grade levels!! The goal of this club is to review writing skills and strategies, practice research skills, and cooperatively work together. Students will participate in fun and engaging activities, working on such things as generating ideas, using interesting word choice, and incorporating figurative language. The students will pick topics, conduct research and interviews, and finally write and create articles, poems, etc. All work will be published in a student-created newspaper by the end of the session. Advisor: Mrs. Bedkowski

Safety Patrol: Open to 5th grade students. Safety Patrollers ensure the safety of fellow students at the end of the day as they are dismissed to buses. Interested students are asked to write a statement focusing on character education and responsibilities, making it clear why they would be a good choice to serve as a safety patroller. Students serve for half the year as Safety Patrol Officers for Bragg School. During School hours; Advisor:Ms. Capan

Student Council: Open to all grade levels to provide students the opportunity to participate in a student government body. Two pairs of Student Council representatives are “elected” by each class to serve for half of the school year. Students help facilitate school spirit days and service projects. Advisor: Ms.Capan

Technology Club: Students will learn how to use various technology programs and experiment with extensions, apps, and websites. Students will continue to sharpen their digital citizenship skills. Students will have an opportunity to experience a variety of computer-based activities. All Bragg students are welcome to join. Advisor: Mr. Castro