Who We Are

Chesnut Forestry Services, Inc. is a natural resource management and consulting company that assists private landowners, non-industrialized, non-governmental and governmental agencies throughout the Southeast. Formed in 2007 in Rome, Georgia to provide the most personalized forestry consultant services in the Northeast and Northwest Georgia, Alabama, Chesnut Forestry Services, Inc. now works in additional areas that include MS, MT, NC, SC, TN, VA, and WV. We specialize in relatively small projects that involve private land owners and address issues of importance for all landowners of timber and farmland with major areas of emphasis including forestry consulting, consulting, wildlife (game and non-game management), land and timber appraisals, prescribed burning, reforestation, and natural resource management plan.

In addition to working with various types of landowners, Chesnut Forestry Services maintains relationships with other consulting companies and public agencies such as the Alabama Forestry Commission, Alabama State Parks, the Georgia Forestry Commission, the Virginia Department of Forestry and the United States Army.

The Face Of Chesnut Forestry Services, Inc.

Tim Chesnut is a Registered Forester in both Alabama and Georgia originally from Gaylesville, AL. He has over 25 years of experience in the forestry field. He has worked as a timber buyer, a forestland manager and as a forestry consultant. He believes that his varied experience allows him to serve forest landowners completely and competently, pledging to hold the land and resources in the highest regard, exceeding goals and objectives while maintaining/improving the potential of the property. He is a member of the Alabama TREASURE Forest Association, the Alabama Chapter of The American Chestnut Foundation, the Alabama Forest Owners Association and the Georgia Chapter of The American Chestnut Foundation.