Summer Learning

Prevent the summer slide by reading and learning with Highland's Summer Learning Challenge!

Together, let's complete 25,000 calendar squares for the chance to see Mr. Jeffrey get slimed in September!

Use the folloring links to help you accomplish your goals and color those calendar squares all summer long!

Hello Library Friends,

Welcome to the Highland Library Media Center!

Our library program strives to provide all students with engaging experiences that allows for the development of complex thinking skills, as well as, social/emotional growth. Our innovative approach incorporates the Design Thinking Process to integrate increased technology opportunities, STEM activities and a unique Makerspace program, preparing our students to think critically, create, communicate and collaborate in meaningful and realistic ways. We are fortunate to be able to support classroom teachers in meeting curriculum standards, which enhances learning for K-5 students. We will continue to expand upon our Digital Citizenship curriculum, a necessary step in our ever changing global society.

We continue to expand upon our book collection, aiming to provide a variety of diverse and relevant literature options for all levels. We look forward to the Highland students embracing the love of reading while enjoying exciting new titles.


Karen Zetoff - Teacher/Library Media Specialist - kzetoff@cheshire.k12.ct.us

Kimberly Grabowski - Teacher/Library Media Specialist - kgrabowski@cheshire.k12.ct.us

Jessica Nowicki - Library Media Technician - jnowicki@cheshire.k12.ct.us