Student Registration

Welcome to the Cheshire Public Schools Student Registration Portal

The registration process is all electronic and requires an Internet connection and either a mobile device or a traditional computer. Please read the registration process overview first and gather all required documents before you register your child.

If, at any point during the process, you have any questions about the registration process or your child's particular school, please contact the school directly using the information at the bottom of the page.

Process Overview

  1. Complete Pre-Registration Form

  2. Pre-Registration Acceptance

  • Once your pre-registration has been accepted by the school, you will receive an email with instructions for completing the registration process as outlined next.

  1. Receive Enrollment Email

    • This email will outline the rest of the enrollment process and will contain very explicit instructions as well as contain specific information required to complete the process.

  2. Log Into PowerSchool Parent Portal Account

    • Connect the pre-registered student to your PowerSchool Parent Portal account using the Access ID and Access Password in the email. If you do not already have a PowerSchool Parent Portal account with Cheshire Public Schools, then you will need to create one using the instructions in the email or from our PowerSchool Parent Portal Guide.

  3. Prepare Documentation

    • Make sure you have all required documentation prior to starting the enrollment forms so the process can be completed in one session.

  4. Complete Enrollment Forms

    • It may be easier to submit the forms using a mobile device as the camera will allow you to easily scan/upload the required personal documentation.

student registration

Pre-registration form

*- Parents of preschool students should call Darcey Elementary School first before pre-registering.

Required documents

Supplemental forms

RESIDENCY - (additional residency verification forms for non-resident families/students living with a Cheshire family)

RELEASE OF INFORMATION - (used to request records from a previous district or CPS)

District Schools

Darcey Elementary School :: 1686 Waterbury Road - (203) 272-3343

Chapman Elementary School :: 38 Country Club Road - (203) 272-3591

Doolittle Elementary School :: 735 Cornwall Avenue - (203) 272-3549

Highland Elementary School :: 490 Highland Avenue - (203) 272-0335

Norton Elementary School :: 414 North Brooksvale Road - (203) 272-7283

Dodd Middle School :: 100 Park Place - (203) 272-3249

Cheshire High School :: 525 South Main Street - (203) 250-2511