Digital Media: Online Edition

Digital Media Online Introduction Movie here - Picture of Ms Hammershaimb as link


Hi Cottonwood students and families! I hope that you all are well. I have missed seeing you, creating with you, and hearing about what you have been reading. I hope that what has been created for you in Digital Media helps us stay connected and is fun for you!

How to participate in the online version of Digital Media

Each week, I will post a link to this website in your Google Classroom. You will find 3 categories of activities: Reading, Making or Using Technology. If you would like to share your creations with me, I would love to see them. Families can email them to me, or you can share your digital creations through Google Drive. Your Google Classroom will also have a question of the week, and you can respond to it.

What if my technology doesn't work?

Don't worry! These activities are not required. There will be screencasts below to help your family know how to use our programs step-by-step.

I'm looking forward to being on this adventure with you!

How to get to google classroom and join a class.mp4

Getting to Google Classroom

Getting a library card online.mp4

Signing up for an Arapahoe library card

Adobe Spark Video - How to Download.mp4

How to download an Adobe Spark Video

WeVideo - Finishing and Downloading.mp4

How to finish and download a WeVideo

Flipgrid - Uploading a video.mp4

How to upload a video to Flipgrid

Sharing your Adobe Spark Video.mp4

How to share your Adobe Spark Video using Google Drive