Mrs. Shepperd


My name is Hillary Shepperd (Harding) and I have worked at Cherry Creek Academy in the past. I had left CCA in 2017-2018 to work as a technology teacher at Douglas County School district and to gain a full teacher license through the districts program. I am very happy to be at Cherry Creek Academy to be the K-1st and 7th/8th technology teacher and elective teacher for middle school.

I am a native here in Colorado! I grew up in Greenwood Village, Colorado. Starting my education at Cottonwood Creek to Campus and onto Cherry Creek HS. I graduated from Colorado State University in 2010 with a BFA with a focus on Graphic Design. I am now in my masters in Learning Design and Technology! This is an online program through CU - Denver.

Shortly after graduating from undergrad, I found myself teaching elementary English in South Korea for a year. I loved every second of being in the classroom! Afterwards, I traveled Asia for a few months before finally coming home to Denver. Traveling is important in life and it was a time in life where I grew the most in every way possible. It is something that needs to be experienced first hand to really understand the impact travel has.

Technology and traveling relate as they both can change so quickly and if you are not able to be thoughtful and flexible with the situation at hand, it will never work out. I am excited to take this journey with CCA students this year to help them be smart tech travelers so that they can continue to travel through this wonderful crazy 21st century life while at CCA and beyond.

My email is .

About This Webpage

I will be adding to this site throughout the year so that you and the students are able to have great links and info readily where ever you are. Please let me know if your student has troubles signing on to certain sites. The sites that I have linked on this site are safe sites that we will be using or have used in class. Some of the sites do have ads on them and with younger student be sure to keep on eye on what they click on.

Technology Standards

CLICK HERE to see a basic idea of what the standards are for technology class. I will be using this as a guide line to how my classrooms norms will be.

Computer Science Teacher Association Standards

CCA Typing Standards : This an average of where students should be by the END of each quarter listed.

Technology Lab Procedures and Rules

*No Running in class

*No gum, food or drinks. (If a students NEEDS to bring in food or drinks. They can keep them on the floor and have them away from the computers)

*Do not share passwords

*Report lost or broken items in the lab

*Do not change settings on the computer

*Treat our technology nicely. Please be gentle with our equipment.

*Treat others with respect.

*Return all technology to where it was before you got it.

OTHER USEFUL LINKS (Also for parents)

Link above for CMAS practice tests

Patrice moved classes for the year! She is now loving her home in 1st grade in Nusbuams sunny classroom!