Ms. Mann's Classroom News

Welcome to Kindergarten!!

Welcome to our class! I am so excited to be your child's teacher!

We have 14 friends in our class.

"In this room, we don't do EASY. We make easy happen through HARD WORK and LEARNING!"


Doors Open at 7:20.

Breakfast is from 7:20-7:40.

School begins at 7:45.

****Please send excuses when your child is absent.

~School/Classroom News~

May Day is May 9

****Reminder: On Fridays, for those that stay on Green all week, we allow to buy ice cream or slushy at lunch. Those are all $0.75.

***Kindergarten Graduation is May 22 at 9 am in the High School Gym


****Please make sure your child has snack or snack money.

****Please save Box-Tops for Education and send them to our class.


**Please send a note if the way your child goes home changes.**


Days we are out!

Last Student Day May 25

~What we are Learning!~

Week of May 8-12


Story: Building Beavers

Amazing words: Beaver, lodge, paddle, river, stream, lake

Question of the week: How do beavers build their homes?

Letters and sounds: All letters and sounds

Sight Words: I, am, the, little, to, a, have, is, we, my, like , and, can, he, for, she, me, with, see, look, you, they, of, are, that, do, one, two, three, four, five, here, go, from , green, blue, yellow, what, said, was, where, come

Skill: Main Idea

Grammar: Telling Sentences


We are finished with all our math chapters so we will be reviewing Addition and Subtraction




~A Little Extra Practice~

***Please practice tying shoes.***

We are now starting to segment and blend CVC(cat) words. Say each sound of the word, and blend it to make the word. Please practice this nightly with your child.

*Make flash cards to help your child with letters, numbers, and sight words

*Practice ALL letters and ALL sounds

*Practice the High- Frequency Words each night

*Discuss the Amazing Words each night

*Work on the Homework page for that night

*Practice the work that is in the red folder each night

Help your child with homework nightly and read with them every day.

Help your child learn their color words in black print.

Please go over and review shapes.

***Practice writing their name, all letters, and numbers 0-10

~Learning Websites~

Our classroom login is kcc61532 and then they find their name :)

Ms. Mann's contact information:


Phone: (text or call) (256) 706-9227