Digital Citizenship Week

Cherokee County Schools

Digital Citizenship Week

September 11 - 15, 2017

Learning Objectives

  • Awareness of Internet safety issues
  • Focus on making responsible choices when using technology and how it affects us
  • Learn to be a responsible digital citizen

Guiding Questions

  • Does your use of technology demonstrate responsible and ethical behavior?
  • Are you TECH SMART?

How to be TECH SMART

  1. Take Care of Technology Equipment
  2. Explore Appropriate and Safe Sites for Learning and Research
  3. Copyright Law, Fair Use Act, and Creative Commons Matter
  4. Help Prevent Cyberbullying
  5. Self-image Is Important
  6. Make Use of Netiquette
  7. Always Give Credit to Original Source
  8. Remember to Be Effective, Thoughtful, and Ethical Digital Creators
  9. Think

In addition to the activity suggestions on this site, here are some resources you may want to include in your Digital Citizenship Emphasis.

NOTE TO TEACHERS: Use the grade level resources on this site to help bring awareness to digital citizenship issues student will face as they live in our digital world. These resources can be grouped according to topic - for instance, the C, A, and R pages are similar topics and can be blended together. Save the Think page for the last day of emphasis - it includes an Internet Safety Pledge or Contract and will be a good conclusion after all the topics are covered. You may show videos whole group or put the link in your Google Classroom or Haiku Class so students can access on their Chromebooks.

There may be more material here than can be covered in a week of emphasis. Take as long as you need to cover these important topics. Include the District Internet Safety Curriculum lesson plans for your grade level or you may wish to do those lessons at another time that is more appropriate.


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