2019-2020 Yearbook Application

We are now accepting applications for the 2019-2020 Yearbook Team!

We are seeking hard working and dedicated CHEMPA students in 7th thru 12th grade.

Yearbook Team produces the yearbook while teaching leadership, designing, and computer skills. While it is a great addition to your high school transcripts, it is also very intense and at times stressful. These times are mostly at the end of the school year when some of our big events are wrapping up and we are in a rush to meet our deadline and send our finished product to the printer. Yearbook Team is not a social event and while we will have some meetings dedicated to fellowship, most of the meetings will be meant for solitary work. Please, also take your sports and other time commitments into consideration before signing up. We ask that no children 6th grade or under be present at meetings to minimize distractions. Teens may be dropped off.

All staff members are required to:

  1. Attend all meetings, most will be longer for better productivity.
  2. Meet all deadlines.
  3. Sell yearbook advertisements to local businesses on your free time.
  4. Work hard on whatever you are asked to do.
  5. Complete all work correctly, thoroughly, and as creatively as possible.
  6. Be willing to rewrite and redo work to improve the quality if needed.
  7. Demonstrate the ability to accept responsibility and handle freedom.
  8. Contribute ideas and suggestions that will improve the yearbook quality.
  9. Fill out a short report at the end of every meeting about what you completed and what you are still working on.
  10. Have their own individual laptop as we will be working independently on pages.
  11. Put their cell phone in designated basket. There can be NO CELL PHONES during the meetings. I will provide my cell phone number for parents to call or text if needed.
  12. Respect and be kind to one another.
  13. Show strong commitment to the excellence of entire yearbook and staff.
  14. Respect the ideas, work, and space of others.
  15. Be on time.

Yearbook Team needs dedicated and responsible staff members to capture memories and make the best book possible for our families to look back on. If you feel like you would be a great addition to the team, you can add your name to the interest sheet and when sign-ups begin I will directly email you the link to the sign-up sheet. Otherwise, please keep an eye out for emails on the CHEMPA loop for sign-ups.

If you are interested apply at the link below.

Once I receive your application, I will contact you via email with any questions I may have and to let you know I received your application.

​***All applications MUST be received by Friday, November 1, 2019!***

**Former Members: Check your email before applying**